MyQ 11th Showtime:
30 Years Together!


MyQ 11th Showtime: </br>30 Years Together!

The biggest showtime in MyQ's history celebrated 30 years of its founders in the print industry in a big style: with intriguing workshops, exciting presentations, and a stylish boat party - all joined by many partners from all over the world!

Three decades together is a good reason for a celebration - in a business partnership as well. In 1992, three high school students Jakub Ahmayadar, Martin Januš, and Radek Tetík started their friendship together with their journey in the print industry. To celebrate this important anniversary, they invited the MyQ partners to Prague to demonstrate the power of their friendship as well as the MyQ products and share the company's mission and vision for the future.

Knowledge first

Prior to the MyQ Showtime, MyQ partners had the option to get some up-to-date print industry knowledge from various experts from the field. They were invited to attend three workshops: Advanced & Environmental Reporting, Security in the Print Industry, and MyQ Professional Services. The main aim was to show the partners how MyQ can help their customers move their print environments forward in a safe and sustainable way. 

The vendor multiverse

Together with the workshops, the international attendees could also experience one of the MyQ solutions' main strengths – their high compatibility with different multifunction printer vendors. During the MyQ HQ open house, they were able to explore this flexibility in the multivendor showroom where both MyQ X and MyQ Roger ran on varied devices and the attendees were free to give them a go. The guests also had a unique opportunity to walk through the entire MyQ HQ office and chat with the R&D and other teams. 

Looking back, gazing forward

The MyQ Showtime itself took place in a cinema located in Prague's center. There, the MyQ team and about 200 partners from 40 different countries went on a journey through MyQ's history, present, and future with its founders. At first, the trio of Jakub, Martin, and Radek shared the story of how they met and how passionate they were about programming in the 90s. It was this passion that fueled their interest in the print industry later on. 

After that, Martin, MyQ CEO, described the printing context in the early 2000s, when everything was still in its infancy, and how the needs of his clients made him start developing a brand-new solution for printers. He mentioned how challenging the beginnings were and how, in many cases, his team had to rely solely on their skill and imagination and start building everything from scratch. Martin also invited to the stage a pair of international partners that played an important role during MyQ's beginnings and its shaping as an international player in the print solution market.

Nevertheless, the main message of his talk lay in MyQ's present and outlook. He put special emphasis on MyQ's core values of being humble, grateful, smarter, faster, hungry, and excited. Martin explained those are not just words on the wall or a t-shirt, they represent the backbone of MyQ's work philosophy. It focuses on loving the work the team does, always trying to do it efficiently with users' needs as the top priority, and then feeling gratitude for a work well done. These values will also play a central role in MyQ's future course that aims on making life even easier for its users and a maximal adaptation to the needs of modern workplaces. He concluded this section with MyQ's main mission: Respect people and help them focus on what they do best.  

What's neXt?

The MyQ development wheels are turning faster than ever, so it was time to introduce what's new for the MyQ products. First, Radek, MyQ CTO, showed new improvements in MyQ X (version10.1), which makes the UI operation and management easier and more user-friendly not only for the IT admins. 

After his presentation, Petr Hacmac, MyQ CPO, revealed a brand-new product line – MyQ neXt. It will be developed with a new philosophy that offers flexible and customizable solutions for the emerging hybrid workplaces the importance of which was mentioned earlier in the keynote speech Office of the Future by Mick Heys, vice president of IDC Future of Workplace and Imaging in Europe. MyQ neXt will offer functions such as Central Management or SaaS model.

The product trio was closed by the cloud-based smart digital workplace assistant, MyQ Roger. Martin took over the stage once more and offered a closer look at MyQ Roger's achievements such as 100,000 downloads or getting free multilingual OCR to any user. He followed with MyQ Roger's future outlooks that will be primarily focused on the young generation and the varied hybrid workplaces such as coworking spaces. 

The marketing team also revealed an exciting achievement for MyQ X and MyQ Roger that both received Platinum Seal Tested Solution 2022 from Buyers Lab. The best achievable result of this thorough independent testing confirmed MyQ's solutions are heading the right way.

Boat & Fun

Proper celebration calls for a proper party. As the MyQ Showtime was held in Prague, MyQ wanted to offer the attendees the best views of the city, so the celebration took place on a boat cruising the Vltava river. During the informal evening, filled with delicious food and a rich accompanying program including light and fire shows or a flying superhero, the MyQ team and the partners had an opportunity to enjoy each other's company and create new friendships.  


Fot those who were still in the party mood, MyQ booked a club in the city center called Duplex – a quite fitting name as duplex is MyQ's default setting.

A big thanQ

A few days after the MyQ Showtime, the CEO Martin called out a thanQ session to express how grateful the whole organization team is for all the positive feedback from the partners. He gave a big thanks to the entire team that help put the event together and expressed how excited he still feels about the success of the MyQ Showtime.



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