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The Customer 

The Saint Gabriel – Saint Michel school was founded in 1838 by the Brothers of Saint Gabriel. With an atypical architecture, it is located in Saint Laurent sur Sèvre in Vendée region within a 19-hectare park. It consists of a secondary school, a general and technological high school, a professional high school focused on industrial and security, a high school for hairdressing and aesthetic professionals, higher education and a training center. 

The school represents 1,650 pupils and students including 350 in boarding school and 240 employees divided between teaching, technical and administrative staff. 


The Saint Gabriel – Saint Michel school wanted to reduce its costs by rationalizing its very heterogeneous printing fleet and implementing a follow-up on fleet management monitoring. Equipped with tablets and wanting to be progressive, the school was interested in mobile printing. 

Since 2002, with 150 monochrome and color multi-brand printing devices (laser and inkjet printers, copiers, multifunction), the expenses for consumables and maintenance were significant. In order to reduce the costs related to printing and document management, the school had no choice but to streamline the printing fleet and set up a fleet management and monitoring system. This decision was a delicate one to present, in particular to staff, to whom the proximity printer had to be removed (in the office) and/or to whom we were going to be asked to identify each time the print was released. 


In addition to replacing the fleet with 1 high-volume color multifunction printer for the reprography center and 2 for the teaching staff in the central hall, 25 A3 color multi-functions are distributed in the central locations for administrative staff, teachers and students as well as 10 A4 B&W multifunction in certain school offices far from central locations. Printsys, Kyocera Document Solutions partner and specialist in document management, offered the MyQ print management solution which enabled the Saint Gabriel  Saint Michel school to set up the tracking of print jobs. 


This technological advance was a revolution for the school. If it automatically allows users to release their print jobs on the most suitable and available multifunction device according to their needs, and it also saves paper and toner.  

The already existing identification badges make it easier to release printouts and therefore simplify document management when needed. Jobs stored for more than three days on the server waiting list are automatically deleted. 

Also, the release of documents upon authentication makes it possible to print securely. Teachers and students save time by printing easily and directly from their tablets wherever they are. 


"Printsys supported us very well on the project. The team listened carefully and their availability and responsiveness were highly appreciated. The MyQ fleet management solution deployed within the school was a real revolution. Beyond the savings generated, it is a real comfort for users." 

– Benoit Chevrier, 
IT manager of the Saint Gabriel - Saint Michel school

Key points

  • The paper consumption has dropped by 35% 
  • Homogenization and reduction of consumables, also by introducing quota (500
    color prints for teachers) 
  • Introduction of mobile print 

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