MFP (Multi-function Printers): How IT Teams save time with MyQ quick installation

Installing MyQ print services on your MFPs is fast, easy and even remote, if need be. The IT administrator can discover and add the entire printer fleet to the system from his desk. The configuration of MyQ happens through a series of steps suggested by the setup wizard – setting up printing queues, importing user databases and defining print policies are all intuitive. Right from the moment MyQ is installed, you can start monitoring the devices, but also your users' print, copy and scan activity, because all printer fleet management is centralized and displayed in a neat overview on the MyQ admin's dashboard. Learn more about MyQ's Quick Installation:

Come on, Come on, Come on.

You're okay to print now Kathy. Finally! Five more to go...

Take it easy. What? How about trying MyQ!

MyQ? You won't have to spend hours setting up printers one by one

After you set up your printing queue, MyQ will find and configure the printers all by itself. Then you import your user database and you're ready to go! You won't even have to leave your desk, everything can be done remotely.

Oh yeah baby that's what i'm talking about. Remote printer setup and quick user import are featured in all MyQ editions. MyQ's easy installation is a true time saver for IT.

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