HP Multifunction Printers
& MyQ X

Union of Efficiency & Ease of Use

MyQ X is 100% ready to be installed on your HP multifunction printers. It supports HP on its path towards sustainable printing, seamless printer operation, and efficient workflows. It also adds advanced document processing capabilities that allow you to automate the extraction of data from paper files.

HP Multifunction Printers  
& MyQ X


  • Promote Print Sustainability

    Promote Print Sustainability

    Eco-Friendly Printing 

    Sustainable impact is one of HP's main goals in the production and operation of its print devices. It goes all the way from the reuse of materials and reducing waste to minimizing the carbon footprint. MyQ X is all set to extend HP's eco-friendly effort. It offers a variety of features promoting green printing & responsible user behavior. You can set up sustainable print policies (B&W only, two-sided printing), reduce devices' electricity consumption, or observe your impact on environmental reports.

  • Automate Your Digitization

    Automate Your Digitization

    Advanced OCR Workflows

    Copying information from paper documents is exhausting and time-consuming. Digitize your invoices, contracts, or delivery notes automatically in a few clicks! With MyQ X Ultimate's Smart Workflows, data is extracted from the physical file and copied to your internal systems (such as ECM) within seconds. Simply scan the document, and the system will do the rest. It knows how to recognize only certain zones of the document and then extracts specific data such as checkboxes, QR, or barcodes.

  • Scan & Copy Efficiently

    Scan & Copy Efficiently

    Easy Scan, Easy Copy

    Why set up your favorite copy/scan action anew every time you need to use it? System admins can preset personalized scanning and copying workflows for your convenient scanning and copying. You will find it on your printer panel after you log in as preset action that answers your print needs, such as scanning to email. Just press the “Scan to email” button and await your scan in the inbox.

  • Keep Print Data Safe

    Keep Print Data Safe

    Print Security

    Misuse of sensitive data due to an unsecured print environment is a real threat. That is why we encrypt your print data during the whole communication between user, server, and printer. Secure your HP multifunction printers further with two-factor authentication (username + password, PIN, or ID card), or QR code scannable with the MyQ X Mobile Client, and print only after login with pull printing. You can also watermark your printouts to prevent unauthorized sharing.

  • Experience Simplicity of Use

    Experience Simplicity of Use

    Embedded Terminal

    Printing, scanning and copying should not delay your other pressing tasks. To help you stay on top of things in the printer panel, MyQ has simplified it to the maximum with its unique Embedded Terminal. It gives you a smooth user experience, by allowing you to start most of your processes with a single click. We want to give you as much clarity as possible, so we made the tiles big, colorful, and easy to read. Plus, admins can seamlessly design their own theme and select the colors and icons that fit your company’s design.


  • Install MyQ X in a Flash

    Install MyQ X in a Flash

    Quick Installation

    Getting MyQ X on HP printers is quick and easy. You plug in the devices, connect them to the local network, and that's it. The system finds new printers on its own and installs all the drivers necessary as well as the print solution. As an IT cherry on top, you can do all this remotely.

  • Manage Your Fleet from One Place

    Manage Your Fleet from One Place

    (Remote) Printer Management & Monitoring

    Keep an eye on your HP devices anywhere you work from in the MyQ X Admin Dashboard. From there, you will have a complete overview of all your connected printers (even the remote ones) in one place. You can manage their settings, check their status, and prevent issues with preset actions. If something goes wrong – be it a printer error or jammed paper – you'll be the first one to know thanks to automatic notifications. All this in a user-friendly web UI.

  • Raise Your Team's Productivity

    Raise Your Team's Productivity

    Personalized workflows

    Help your colleagues be quick and efficient about their print/scan/copy tasks and create personalized workflows. Find out what the specific document processing needs of different departments are and adjust their workflows accordingly. Create one-click buttons with specific output properties (format, resolution, etc.), and destination – local storage, email, or cloud folder and assign them to a user or user group.

  • Be in Charge of Print Spending

    Be in Charge of Print Spending

    Advanced Accounting & Reporting

    With MyQ X, you never lose track of the number of print jobs processed during a given period. The system accounts for every page, and you will be able to see the entire print activity in print reports. These can be extensively customized as well as connected to the BI tools used at your firm. You can let users account for their print jobs under project, group, or cost center to see the print costs across the company in more detail. To promote responsible print behavior, you can also set up MyQ X Quota to set a maximal limit of printed pages or use Credit to charge users per printed page.

  • Set up Print Rules

    Set up Print Rules

    Print policies

    “All-you-can-print” may not be the most economical way to set up printing at your company. Using MyQ X print policies ensures that every user follows the same rules. You can create default B&W printing – and allow color only for management – or mandatory two-sided printing. This helps your company save on printing and control the use of print consumables.

Explore All the MyQ X
Features for HP MFPs

Features of HP Terminal 10.1 *

Deployment & Administration

Automated printer discovery and remote installation


Device status monitoring



ID card / user name & password / PIN with two-factor login


QR code login with MyQ X Mobile Client


Guest login


ID card registration



Print accounting incl. critical failover accounting


Per job accounting


Device jobs accounting (Panel jobs)


Accounting on USB devices (MDC)


Project accounting


Cost centers accounting


Credit & quota accounting


Job Submission

Easy Print


Email/Web upload/Hot folder


AirPrint / Mopria / Mobile app




Universal Print by Microsoft


My Jobs

Print all after login


Job select / Delete / Favorite / Printed


Print job properties


Job preview


USB drive Print and Scan


Cancel jobs after logout


Client Print Spooling (MyQ Desktop Client)



Device Scan to Me (email, folder)


Easy Scan with Folder browsing


Scan to email/Folder/FTP/Secure link/Cloud storage


Advanced scanning incl. custom parameters, codebooks, and metadata


Advanced workflows & document processing (SV)


OCR function



Easy functions (Scan, Copy, Fax)


Easy Copy of ID cards


Web UI WCAG 2.1 level AA


Multi language support


MyQ UI & themes (color, icons)


Finishing Options

Staple & Punch


Extra Features

Skip blank pages (Easy copy and Easy Scan)


* As we are constantly improving our software, please contact your MyQ Certified Partner / Account Manager for latest information about version capability.

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MyQ X-Supported
HP Devices

Please log in to the MyQ Partner Portal to see all the HP devices supported by MyQ X.

It Doesn't End with a Terminal

Together with the Embedded Terminal, MyQ X brings you other convenient tools:



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