Prestigious HP Collaboration Award for MyQ


Prestigious HP Collaboration Award for MyQ

MyQ received an award for Collaboration during HP’s JetAdvantage Partner Conference 2020, which was held online this year.

MyQ received an award for Collaboration during HP’s JetAdvantage Partner Conference 2020, which was held online this year.

This year’s JetAdvantage Partner Conference, under normal circumstances hosted in Boise, Idaho, took the form of an online event between May 1822, 2020. In the section dedicated to Partner Awards, MyQ was the first partner to receive a prize, awarded for Collaboration. 

Jeffrey Schaus, Head of PSS Commercial Software Solutions, opened the awards section by acknowledging MyQ as an exemplary partner solution.  

“From day one, this partner has pushed beyond what’s possible; they’ve worked with HP on numerous fronts. From training to support, this partner worked tirelessly to ensure that HP teams have what they need to be successful. If we ever request a face-to.face training in another country, they’re there. If we need new virtual content for those unable to a travel, they deliver,” said Jeffrey Schaus.



“The award means a great deal to MyQ. It proves that our approach to provide not only great product, but also flexible support on all levels is crucial when it comes to MPS projects. HP organizations and their resellers can count on us when it comes to providing a cutting-edge print management solution with excellent support for HP devices,” said Karel Januš, Business Development Manager at MyQ

About MyQ & HP cooperation  

Initially a member of HP’s Developer Program, MyQ has participated in HP’s technology development for more than 2 years. The first recognition received was the “Leading the Charge” award for innovation at the HP JetAdvantage Partner Conference in 2018. At the end of 2019, MyQ became a holder of the Certification of Quality by HP.  

MyQ develops and constantly updates a specialized, embedded application for the control panel of a range of HP’s multifunction printer models – the MyQ Embedded Terminal. HP’s Certification of Quality signifies that the software meets the requirements of the vendor’s PSQ audit (Partner Solution Quality) in terms of architecture, design, legal compliance, documentation and verification criteria. 


Printer usage monitoring is a staple in IT departments of all bigger companies. The print management software an organization uses should make generating accurate print reports as easy as possible.

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MyQ Tips
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On 7 July 2020, we launched MyQ X, the next generation of MyQ. However, the first elements of this re-vamped environment date back to the beginning of this year, when we released MyQ 8.0 with new core architecture, new user session and the editions Smart, Enterprise and Ultimate.

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MyQ has made its way to the control panels of Lexmark multifunction printers, which are widely popular across the UK, as well as Central and Eastern Europe – particularly in retail and vertical markets like the automobile industry.

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