Announcing MyQ Print Server 8.1


Announcing MyQ Print Server 8.1

The most notable highlights of this release are a new built-in job previewer, support of Chromebook printing after the deprecation of Google Cloud Print, and improved performance.

Aside from being available in 3 editions – Smart (for free), Enterprise and Ultimate – MyQ software can also be used in two different scenarios, depending on the customer's size and environment. For smaller businesses, MyQ can be installed as a stand-alone server for single branch management. Medium or larger companies usually prefer Central-Site architecture for its support of multiple locations, and large enterprises also opt for a Central-Site configuration, because it offers failover options such as the in-built MyQ Easy Cluster or support for MS Cluster.

The MyQ Central Server was upgraded to 8.1 this summer, and now the Print Server has received the same attention and the version number 8.1 is now aligned for both software packages.

The most essential improvement of 8.1 is that it contains in-built software for previewing print jobs, 2x speedier job parsing and improved job archiving. MyQ customers no longer need to purchase extra (and often expensive) 3rd-party software on top of MyQ for being able to preview and pre-account documents, and the archiving module is now available for less than half of its original price.

What else can you find in MyQ 8.1?

  • Watermarks for the PDF format for secure printing PDFs from mobile phone or e-mail
  • More options for users in job settings on the Embedded Terminal, and granular control over job properties for admins
  • Improved job scripting to help admins set up proper scripts, e.g.: "If a job is larger than 10 pages, print it as duplex automatically."
  • Enhanced Quota Management and support for mono pages
  • Printing from Managed Chromebooks after Google Cloud Print termination
  • General performance and stability boost compared to MyQ 8.0

Download MyQ Print Server 8.1 for free from our Smart website, or log into the Partner Portal and find it under RTM downloads.

For a more comprehensive overview of the new features of 8.1, see the PS 8.1 Change Log.


Download version 8.1 Now



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