MyQ X 8.2 Mobile Client

Safe Printing in Your Pocket

Enjoy a new level of convenience!

MyQ X 8.2 Mobile Client

Touchless login and control

Control your printing without touching the device

Secure login into the MyQ X mobile app supports biometrics, i.e. fingerprint and face recognition, and the user can upload files for print or select existing jobs waiting in their queue, history or favorites.

The current situation on the market made computer chips goods in short supply. This caused a steep price increase and delays in various components including card readers. However, MyQ has a solution! You do not need to have a card reader attached to the printing device to be able to securely log in. Just use the MyQ X Mobile Client and unlock the device using a QR code displayed at the device panel

Touchless login and control

Change any settings

Modify print options before releasing the document

Printing options can be changed immediately before release:

  • Number of copies
  • Mono or color print
  • Duplex or simplex print
  • Assignment under relevant projects
Change any settings

Recharge your credit and more

Some other useful functions of the app:

  • Overview of quota & credit
  • Recharging credit directly from the app
  • Editing the user profile
  • Generating a new PIN code
Recharge your credit and more

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