MyQ Embedded Terminal Optimized for Sharp


MyQ Embedded Terminal   Optimized for Sharp

Business fleets comprising multifunction printers by Sharp can now run MyQ X to its full potential, thanks to the recent optimization and release of MyQ Sharp Terminal 8.1.

MyQ’s print management software line MyQ X now fully supports Sharp printer fleets, with a special embedded application for the multifunction device itself – the MyQ Embedded terminal. The MFP’s interactive touch panel can thus be enhanced with MyQ’s interface and display personalized functions to the user.  

MyQ Sharp 8.1 features available to the IT administrator include:

  • Advanced per-job accounting  options connected to projects, credit and quota
  • Detailed reports both built-in and  compatible with BI tools
  • Guest Account feature
  • Certified Web UI Accessibility


Web accessibility and WCAG

In order to make ICT accessible to everyone, the European Union adopted a European standard for digital accessibility EN 301 549, which follows Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 and its application to EU public sector websites is required since September 2020.

MyQ optimizied its web-based UI for users and administrators to meet the guidelines’ requirements, and after extensive testing received BITV accreditation compliant with WCAG 2.1 level AA. 


Improvements available to the user of the Sharp MFP: 

  • One-click Easy Scan to the user’s e-mail, network folder or cloud drive 
  • Advanced scanning and document conversion thanks to OCR engine 
  • Functions that are personalized to reflect individual user habits 
  • Touchless login and printing via the MyQ X Mobile Client 

Printing with the MyQ X Mobile Client 

The MyQ X Embedded terminal offers a contactless QR login option which allows the user to authenticate at the printer using the MyQ X Mobile Client installed on their smartphone. After logging in, the user can print all queued documents, select files from history or favorites, or alternatively submit new jobs and set their printing options without needing to touch the device’s panel. 

The MyQ X Mobile Client also displays the current status of the user’s credit and/or quota and enables the user to recharge their credit directly from the application using vouchers. Logging in via face and fingerprint recognition is also supported, as is light and dark mode. 


Starting today, MyQ Partners can download the RTM version of the MyQ Sharp Terminal v8.1 from the MyQ Partner Portal. 

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About Sharp Imaging and Information Company 

Sharp Imaging and Information Company of America, a division of Sharp Electronics Corporation, strives to help businesses achieve Simply Smarter work through technology that is smart and easy to use. The aim of the Simply Smarter Workplace strategy is to accelerate collaboration, improve efficiencies, digitize workflows, and increase information security. Sharp's expansive line of products and solutions include interactive displays such as the award-winning Windows collaboration display and AQUOS BOARD® interactive display, commercial displays, security-first laptops, desktop monitors and a full suite of multifunction copier and printer solutions. 

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