With the new 7.6, Xerox users now have a robust failover solution in place in the event of a lost server connection and greater daily flexibility with access to MyQ Easy Copy and Mobile Client features.

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Yowzah, this runs like clockwork, I'm giving it 5 stars. More often than not, the product you like so much spent hours and hours in the hands of error executioners, tireless bug hunters, or simply – the QA department. They search every nook and cranny of the product for potential issues and help prevent them so that end users's experience is as smooth as butter. Considering the level of complexity of its products, it probably doesn't come as a surprise MyQ has a QA department as well. But what might surprise you is how sweet and laid-back the QA team is. Get to know them in this video and hear about the work routine of MyQ's quality assurance squad!

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