A Quickie with the MyQ Expert | Episode 11: MyQ X vs. MyQ Roger

The MyQ Quickie series will help you get up close and personal with the functions of our user-friendly print solution. No heavy IT slang, no hi-tech showing off. Only Rami, our laid-back MyQ Expert, and practical examples of how to process your documents daily with MyQ. MyQ X and MyQ Roger. These two software titans are not going to clash, but fight side by side in the office arena and throw digital punches at anything that stands in the way of your efficient and secured document processing. Not sure which warrior to pick? Rami the arena master will guide you through their strengths, unique moves and fatalities. With MyQ X, you’ll get a sturdy melee tank that can withhold any print task damage, no matter how powerful it is or who casted it. You can level it up to Ultimate status, where you unlock advanced document processing magic and work it on paper documents in need of digitization. While with MyQ Roger, you’ll get an agility-based fighter that can cast cloud-based print or scan spells using your smartphone in any place with internet access, and quickly works around all constraints of remote working. So, sit down, see what these heroes have to offer and choose the best one for your business to FINISH any opponent daring to hinder your fluent document workflows!

Good day, I'm Rami and

I'm standing here with our hero squad leaders, representing the two ranches of the MyQ product: MyQ X and MyQ Roger.

This video here is to help you with a very basic MyQ question: What's the difference between the two MyQ product lines?

First off we have the tag team duo of Lucy and James, at the forefront of our flagship product: MyQ X A super robust MPS, tailored for medium to large size enterprises and various institutions that includesones that are, governmental, educational or healthcare related. It currently serves millions of users worldwide It can be installed on-premise, on servers, or even on edge devices as well as private clouds.

In essence it's an elaborate high octane solution, so we offer a selection of three editions to be chosen based on what you need And these are:

MyQ X Smart. This is our freemium edition with a handful of premium features.

You also have pull printing:

which you can use to log in using a QR code and release your jobs with our free MyQ X app on your phone.


Here we've got our best seller and the next step to digitizing your workspace. now you have much more control over the machine with features like: Personalized device UI

Plus a theme editor to stylize your printer to your company's aesthetic. A scan and workflow feature, which includes a built-in OCR engine.

Side note: ask your certified MyQ partner for special pricing if you come from a governmental or educational institution. Finally the Ultimate edition. Now for the true digital office experience,

we have this edition ready for action. The complete package has: Advanced document processing.

To thoroughly extract all types of information that is found on a scan And allowing for storage in editable formats. Connector integration. This all can be integrated with DMS platforms and cloud drives that you already use.

Let's head on over to Bessie.

She's the squadron leader of our new baby that was written from scratch to answer the needs of distributed workplaces. We are proud to present: our revolutionary smart digital workplace assistant: MyQ Roger.  So let's fly into some of the main features: This product comes under the software as a service model.

 Alongside a free app, you can either up or down scale the service in exact accordance to what your company needs. True public cloud.  With no hidden local PC agents, this gives you the chance to use the MyQ Roger mobile app. Any internet connection will do! With every information transference encrypted

and the QR login code automatically modified before each session . Security is not to be worried about!


The mobile first concept allows you to do all that is needed on your phone. With other features like a handy voice assistant for safe and aidful use.

So there you have it, our team and our products front and center.

Thank you for watching and bye for now!

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