A Quickie with the MyQ Expert | Episode 2: Login

The MyQ Quickie series will help you get up close and personal with the functions of our user-friendly print solution. No heavy IT slang, no hi-tech showing off. Only Rami, our laid-back MyQ Expert, and practical examples of how to process your documents daily with MyQ. You shall not pass! Unless, of course, you can authenticate yourself. Safe printer login is essential for protecting your print data – it's a simple spell, but quite unbreakable. There are several login options to help you enter MyQ X on your device: username & password, PIN-code, ID card or scanning the printer’s QR code with the MyQ app. Rami the MyQ Expert will show all of them in action and reveal how Pull Print comes to the rescue for a safe pick-up of your printed documents. Click play and learn how to log in to your MFP safely!

Hey, I'm Rami, Your MyQ Expert.

Now, one way MyQ can communicate with you is through a colorful and friendly interface called the Embedded terminal. So, you log in and you'll see a list of functions that you've personalized beforehand. Let's take a look.

There are three basic methods to log in. Sidenote, user registration can be done many ways including CSV* and LDAP synchronization. You can dial in your username and password. Or use a PIN code. Or swipe an ID card. That's probably the most popular one.

We also have an app which you can use to scan a QR code off the printer's panel. OK, think about this. Usually, when you send a job to the printer you would expect to be the only one to pick it up, right? In an ideal case. You wouldn't want to get your docs lost or... Stolen! That won't happen, as long as you have the printer set to ask for authentication.

This also gives you the option to Pull print. Choosing a free machine and getting your documents right on hand. Now when your company wants to be double sure about security, they can establish a two-factor authentication. This would typically mean a combination of swiping your ID card and typing in your PIN or password. And voilà as you can see, I'm logged in under my personal profile, which shows me my selection of easy one-click functions. More on those later.

Okay! That's all for today, thank you for watching.

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