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Spread out across an area that is inhabited by over 900,000 people, the County of Fresno has to coordinate a multitude of departments across the region to properly accommodate the people there. Their IT specialists were looking for a way to protect sensitive data and send jobs to departments cross-county. Some branches, such as Health or Social Services, were heavy laden with confidential documents, which forced the management to equip many users with a personal printer to prevent data leakage. In short, their fleet was not equipped with software that was practical and customizable to their liking.


The county was provided with Kyocera MFPs equipped with the MyQ software of which their IT department managed to secure 465 licenses, including virtual server licenses with one-year support. MyQ’s embedded terminal now allows for an unprecedented ease of use and customization to fulfil required needs within each of the departments. The pull printing function has solved privacy issues as documents required authentication to be released at any printer. This requirement works well in tandem with virtual servers that help the admin direct jobs to different locations.


Operating with a more efficient printer fleet led to a decrease of redundant devices; Fresno County can now do more with way less. Alongside the ability to send jobs through to different locations, their staff can now securely print confidential documents from any printer. Users were delighted with the ability to tailor their print terminal to reflect their own frequent tasks.

Key points

  • Increased document & data security
  • Advanced UI personalization and user comfort
  • Cost Savings from eliminating “personal printers”
  • Increased efficiency due to network connectivity

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