Introducing the New MyQ X

The new MyQ X is out, providing users with extensive UI changes, enhanced print mobility options for today’s mobile workforce, and an array of other enhancements. The admin desktop/web UI went through a thorough redesign and is more convenient to work with. There are also 5 new stunning default themes for the MFP panels. Browse through the new environment with MyQ's CTO Radek and see it for yourself.

Hi, MyQ fans I have great news for you, we have just released MyQ X series 10. Let's go with me and have a look.

MyQ X series 10 is a major update of our printing and scanning solution. We focused on improving the administration user interface let's log in. We reconsidered design of every element and created a beautiful new look and feel.  Many visual features were simplified or even removed to make the content stand out. We extended the use of rounded corners, so the UI feels more friendly. All elements were enlarged and now it's easier to click them.

We use vector graphics everywhere, which makes the user interface looks gorgeous on high-resolution displays. The UI stays sharp even when zoomed. Colors and icons on the embedded terminal were updated to match the new style of MyQ user interface. MyQ now includes 5 new beautiful terminal teams to express yourself.

Web application usability should match the desktop user experience. MyQ was always a pioneer in desktop-like user experience in web UI. In MyQ X series 10 we made sure that all the great features like multi-selection, context menus, configurable data grids, detail panes or auto-completion boxes continue to work great.

Accessible user interface is a must have today, the user interface continues to support the web accessibility standards. In this release, we paid special attention to the ability to control the UI by a keyboard.

We wondered what else people like in modern user interfaces. Many people like the dark mode it has become a standard on computers and mobile devices. MyQ user interface can be switched to the dark mode too. The UI automatically matches the settings of your operating system for a seamless experience.

So that's MyQ X 10, download it now from our community portal and enjoy!

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