Housing Authority
Opt for a Homely Office


Operating and managing several low-income, multi-unit housing complexes in southern Oregon U.S.A., the Jackson County Housing Authority helps administer affordable housing programs for would-be residents. Their previous printer fleet had a privacy feature which was used to send documents to pre-defined “boxes” on individual devices. They became aware that a print suite that could better facilitate output workflow would be beneficial.


4 Kyocera MFPs were supplied with MyQ installed. Staff now have their fleet equipped with the secure print features; eliminating the requirement to single out a printer and reduced the steps required to uphold confidentiality when printing sensitive material. The MyQ embedded terminal enhanced users’ print experience, offering practical customization and ease of use.


The MyQ solution provided a streamlining of print functions; making users happier to easily manage their print jobs, which in turn increased productivity. Overall security of documents was enhanced and solidified. Over $40,000 was saved in hardware revenue.

Key points

  • Increased data and document security
  • Advanced UI personalization and comfort
  • Increase in productivity
  • $40,000+ saved in hardware