Keeping Greenland Green

€13,500 in savings per year


Kujalleq Municipal, one of four municipals in Greenland, is a strong and financially-driven organization. They had to limit their workspace at their three offices throughout Greenland, and they struggled with having a good overview of print activity. Over-ordering consumables was also a contributor to their financial turmoil.


Inu:IT, a Greenlandic IT consulting firm, offered to furnish Kujalleq Municipal with a new printing fleet and software – Kyocera Net Manager (KNM) powered by MyQ. Their 28 new devices comprise 11 Ecosys and 17 Taskalfa units. Each device was set up with state-of-the-art ID readers for secure authentication, which also makes it easy to track jobs. Print reports are now generated automatically, and managers know exactly how much money is being spent on consumables.


Kujalleq Municipal expects to save over 100,000 DKK per year, and they have Inu:IT to thank for recommending the advantages of KNM powered by MyQ. Their joint effort has resulted in a significant reduction of needlessly wasted paper and material.

Key points

  • €13,500 in savings per year
  • Increased document security & efficiency
  • Controlled environmental impact

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