Meet MyQ's Development Team

Watch the video and see what a typical day looks like for our programmers and which tools they use to create our award-winning Print Management Software!

-Hello my name is Jiří.

-My name is Roberto.

-I am Stas.

-My name is Freddy.

Currently I'm working on the server side of our product, and also the development of client applications that are deployed on the production. It allows the user to make the printing process easier and management of all the documents is submitted to our server. Also, we develop an application oriented to the Windows platform mainly, and also for Mac platform. PHP touches a lot of areas of the MyQ product. Specifically, I work with user interface, APIs, data synchronization, migration and many other areas of the MyQ product. My team is in charge of creating applications that will run in the printers, to ensure a smooth synchronization between MyQ platform and the device.

We focus mainly on manual integration, sanity, and regression tests. We use PHP 7. As database, we use Microsoft SQL and Firebird. We use our own framework for both front and back end. Mainly our applications are developed using the .NET Framework. We also support database system management Firebird SQL and Microsoft SQL Server.

We also develop the user interface using WPF. In "terminal" team, we work with multiple technologies that are selected taking into consideration the specifications provided by the manufacturer of the device. Between the technology that we use, we can find, Android applications, java applications, and any other needed.

 To name a few of the software, we use Hyper-V for managing virtual machines, which is actually a daily routine. Postman, which helps with API testing, and various tools to monitor processes, and reporting tools. Wireshark to monitor networking. SQL and scripting languages,which are needed.

Almost every time. Since we work with a big variety of partners, I've had the opportunity to work with new technologies and tools, I've never worked with before. Additionally my team is very helpful, you can spread your knowledge and receive kind support. I've learned about working with testers, which never happened to me before. It is actually really good.

We have several levels of testing. We have internal testers in our team and we have Q&A department. I would say that the work in MyQ fulfills my current needs, and still helps me to professionally grow. I like it here. I like the open-minded collective and environment Of course, the  accessibility from the city center and all around.

If you are watching this video and you are a developer, and you enjoy to create applications, just take a look in our career section, in the portal of MyQ company. And join our team.

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