Smooth Sailing for SNOC Offices with MyQ

0% less paper waste


Sharjah National Oil Corporation (SNOC) is a semi-governmental entity dealing with Oil & Gas production in the Emirate of Sharjah in the UAE. They had MFPs and single-user printers in 3 locations, one of which operates are a series of portable cabins assigned to each department, each running a RICOH MFP, some of them more than 6 years old.

The IT support team mainly struggled with the necessity to add users to each machine separately, which was quite tedious. Another issue was a large number of printouts, which turned out to be uncollected by the users. These unwanted printouts used to get piled up at each machine and created an enormous waste of resources for the company.


SNOC upgraded the current crop of MFPs to the latest model RICOH MFP 4500 and IMC 2000 (a total of 15 machines). During the hardware upgrade all MFPs had MyQ Solution installed and, as required, MyQ was compatible with both new and existing machines. Ease of use of the solution and user management were ensured through a primary server. Secure printing required mandatory printing requests by the user directly and, consequently, it was expected that there would be a drop in the number of printouts. 


IT-related issues due to printers has significantly reduced. Integration through Active Directory has helped users generate their own PIN Codes, which strengthened the users’ confidence in the system’s security. Users have also praised the ease of use of the MyQ personalized interface.

The reduction of the printout volume after implementing MyQ is astounding – almost 90%. Secure print has proven effective in preventing unwanted printing by users. Since the user has to release the print using their PIN, there is no pile of uncollected printouts at each machine location, which then is thrown into trash. This is a big cost cut in SNOC's printing budget.

"The new solution has secured the information flow in the company and, consequently, there is no longer any fear of data exposure. It has also helped SNOC in its commitment towards the environment with a considerable reduction in paper consumption, resulting in extensive savings."

Hala Banihashim,

Key points

  • Printer upgrade in all SNOC locations
  • MyQ compatible with new RICOH models as well
    as existing ones
  • Very easy user management and printer maintenance
  • Lower need of IT supervision for printers
  • Secure printing and scanning highly effective in reducing print counts!
  • Almost 90% reduction in extra paper waste

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