The Winners of MyQ's New Year's Game


Hello everyone, I'm Rami your MyQ expert, for today's video we've got something special.

It involves a wheel of chance, prizes and lucky winners. That's right everybody it's a raffle draw!

We gave people the chance to participate in our yearly traditional game, which was a quiz this year. Of all those who participated in the quiz 10 people will be selected randomly by a raffle to win some prizes. okay hold on one second.... okay now we're ready to start the raffle so welcome to the office reloaded raffle where 10 lucky people get the chance to win 50 euro vouchers to amazon.

As you can see, here are the entries of our MyQ savvy participants who managed to complete the office reloaded quiz. Good job everyone! We will only show the first names of the winners and we will know exactly who they represent. Now enough with the suspense let us find out who the 10 winners are.

So, I'm going to click my mouse and the wheel is going to randomly select a name. Alright here we go!

So here we have our first winner the third Christian on the list


The second Richard

Sebastian Thomas




The second Benjamin

and for the 10th winner it is the second Sasha!

Well there you have it. Everyone thank you to all who participated in the quiz and we will get in touch with the winners very soon! Thank you all for watching and I'll see you in another video.

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