MyQ X 8.2 LTS

Take a look at all the game changers the new long-term supported MyQ 8.2 has to offer! Web Accessibility, new advanced accounting & reporting, Mobile Client, and much more!

Welcome everyone, my name is Michal Grepl, I am a Chief Development Officer at MyQ, and I would like to show you the latest version of MyQ X 8.2 LTS.

LTS means "long term supported", which will be definitely appreciated by our customers. We were working hard last year to deliver you this unique product with a lot of new functions and features. We've been facing lots of changes in our market. Different trends, different requirements, and different demands coming out during the pandemic times. We wanted to support home-based users, bringing them more flexibility options on how they can print or work remotely.

We've been facing requirements for a touchless operation of the devices. We've been requested to be compatible and compliant with many cloud standards and services. And of course we decided to move forward to support larger enterprises and public segment companies towards accessibility, central management, and other similar requirements.

Together, all these new trends and demands are increasing the speed of digital transformation, and our product MyQ X is not left behind. The first game changer this product brings to the market is definitely accessibility. It is currently compliant with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines version 2.1, with an AA level. It actually opens MyQ to people with different disabilities, be it vision or motoric issues.

Then MyQ becomes a tool, solution, which can be used by anyone. It fullfils all current legal and technical requirements to support everyone working with MyQ on an equal level. Second game changer relates to the way MyQ handles accounting and reporting. We provided several improvements on how this software on the server communicates with the software on the printing device. This brings much higher detail to the overview of users printing, copying and scanning.

We introduced a new accounting mode called "Cost Centers". It mainly helps our customers in the education segment to achieve the exact level of accounting they need. Another game changer is a new parcer integrated in our Smart Print Services. This integration allows us to enhance environments with less servers. It means users, who are home-based or in the offices that have limited capacities to have a server on board, can use the SPS installed on any workstation to cover all the accounting necessary. All the accounting data are being synchronized once connected to the print server.

Another great improvements regard the secure remote print and the secure access without the need of being on a VPN. We were able to achieve that together with Microsoft services, mainly the integration with Microsoft Universal Print, but also Microsoft Application Proxy. Microsoft Universal Print allows us to print remotely outside the office. From home-based offices, cafés, or the street to the MyQ print server located in the office.

Microsoft Application Proxy allows us to access the MyQ web UI without being on VPN, through the authentication to Microsoft services. The very important part of the improvements was allowing printing from chromebooks after the deprecation of Google Cloud Print. We introduced several ways of printing from chromebooks. Out of the network and also others in the network. Through the Web upload, which is one of the main MyQ features, users can simply access the MyQ web UI from a chromebook and upload the file they want to have printed.

Another option of remote print is the E-mail print. The user can send an e-mail to a specific e-mail address. Then he receives a PIN code which he uses for the print release at the device. Another option is to use MyQ's native app which is now also compatible with chromebooks.

The last option is for all Chrome Enterprise accounts on the managed chromebooks. This is the standard way of printing called IPPS. This is the simplest way ho to get a native chromebook printing. The administrator sets up the IPPS printing to the MyQ server. The latest improvement I'll talk about now is the completely new mobile application. This application runs on Android, iOS, Chrome OS, and it allows users to print completely touchless.

Users can also define the printing options before the release. They can upload any file to be printed, recharge credit, or generate a new PIN code, and there are other improvements which you can find after you install this app.

So let me repeat all the main features and game changers. We bring detailed reporting, we have a new accounting mode we allow for printing from chromebooks now. We are integrated with Microsoft cloud services, and we bring a completely new mobile application. So MyQ definitely improves its position in the education segment. Apart from that, we also bring great improvements in the accessibility regardingweb content accessibly guidelines compliance which is now official and certified.

And also improvements for the less server organizations or home-based users regarding how the jobs are counted, and a detailed overview of the consumption. Thank you very much for listening, I hope you've ejoyed this latest news about the MyQ X 8.2 new release. Visit our website, download  MyQ X Smart for free, download the app and enjoy the latest experience. Thank you.

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