A Quickie with the MyQ Expert | Episode 15: Voice Assistant

The MyQ Quickie series will help you get up close and personal with the functions of our user-friendly print solution. No heavy IT slang, no hi-tech showing off. Only Rami, our laid-back MyQ Expert, and practical examples of how to process your documents daily with MyQ. Inhale (deeply), exhale (vigorously), repeat twice. Say AAA, say OOO, sing na-na-na-na-na-na-naa. Great, now your vocal cords should be ready for today’s lesson. Voice coach Rami shows you the way to control your print/scan/copy tasks with the power of your voice. It’s possible you’ve already had some vocal interaction with MFPs in the form of shouting, sobbing, or desperate begging. This time, it’ll be different – subtle, elegant and as convenient as it can get. Open the MyQ Roger app, go to “Actions”, add a voice command to the document workflow you’ve set up to your liking, and save it. Then, when you want to launch that particular workflow, say its name to the voice assistant in your Android/iOS device, which will hand it over to Bessie, and she’ll make sure everything goes according to your wishes. That’s how smooth communication with MFPs can get.

Hi there, I'm Rami your MyQ expert.

Today I'm going to be showing you how up close and personal you can get with MyQ Roger: in cases where you might find difficulty in using the printer panel, or you just like a more convenient way to tell the printer what to do. And you can do just that: talk right at your printer!

The voice assistant understands several languages and performs simple tasks that you give it. All you have to do is just ask! Well all right let's log in. For example, if you're setting up a job or a scanning action, you are able to set up a voice command so that you're able to launch it. It could be anything thatyou find comfortable. And of course, this can be done with prints, scans, and copies as well.

Scan to email!

There you have it! Roger reads you AND hears you loud and clear!

Thank you for watching.

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