Become a Document Superhero with MyQ X

You might have wondered what our award-winning managed print solution is all about and what it can bring to your office. The answer is not so simple, because it has a lot to offer. Take on an audiovisual journey through the main features of MyQ X and see for yourself how well it suits your document needs – from easy deployment up to advanced accounting. Become a document superhero with MyQ X!

In many organizations, poor printer management can lead to various issues, such as insufficient security for sensitive data, poor communication with local infrastructure, draining the budget with avoidable printing costs, and negative impact on the environment from unnecessary printing.And last but not least, users wasting their time and productivity because of difficult UI.

MyQ X is an award-winning print management solution that guards the data of its customers with top security measures, interconnects all multi-function devices in the company network no matter the brand, and helps reduce costs with advanced copy print and scan functions and overviews of activity.

 MyQ is all about personalization. It makes interaction with the printer easy for you, so that you can get tasks done quickly and go about your day.  It's right there in MyQ's motto: Focus on what you do best! One of MyQ X's key features for convenient and secure printing is pull print.You can send your files to the MyQ server and pick them up anywhere you want. You can choose any printer in the network. Log in with the username and password, PIN code, ID card, or QR code and collect your files safely. No more documents left abandoned in the paper tray.

Is scanning often part of your daily agenda? Cheers to you for going digital! MyQ makes scanning an easy one-click task. With the MyQ X Embedded Terminal, you can have your MyQ home screen display your favorite actions. Just like that, you're one tap away from sending your scans to a cloud folder, email, shared folder, or more.

MyQ also looks out for IT admins who can get their MFP fleet up and running from one central admin dashboard. From there, they can easily monitor the devices in their network, set up the Embedded Terminal for users,  and adjust their user rights to comply with their company policy. In your company, it's good to know where each penny goes. That's why MyQ X offers reliable advanced reporting on all user activity. Reports can be fully customized to give the accounting department clear and intuitive insight.

Flexibility is another of MyQ's strong suits. With the powerful MyQ X Mobile Client, you can just reach into your pocket and manage your documents on the go. There's a range of printing options to choose from in the app, so you don't need your laptop anymore to send out prints, With MyQ X, your company's printing scanning, and copying is secure, time- and cost-efficient, and super intuitive for both users and admins.

Visit our website at to see tons of other amazing features that make the work lives of MyQ users much simpler. Begin your journey to become a document superhero!

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