MyQ on Point with Data Security
at the Czech Statistical Office

IT support time saved


The Czech Statistical Office (ČSÚ) is a government body with their HQ in Prague and 13 regional branches throughout the country. The office collects and processes data to build an informative database, available to municipalities, the public, and other government agencies in the Czech Republic and abroad.

ČSÚ used to have a non-homogenous print solution in place, consisting of MFPs and A4 printers of various brands and ages. All of them were set up as “local”. There wasn’t any software to manage printing, no security across the fleet (only for single devices), and no reporting. The IT department was frequently called to tackle the issues manually. After a power cut, for example, they had to turn the printers back on one by one. This unpopular activity was called “tour de print”.

Managing users was also complicated, as each new user had to be set up on each printer separately. The original user database provided by Konica Minolta only had a capacity of 1000 users, so it filled up fast and was tedious to maintain.


MyQ Solution was installed along with a cutting-edge fleet of printers by Kyocera (60 MFPs and 120 A4 printers). This first and foremost facilitated user management thanks to the Active Directory. Secure printing and scanning became a golden standard for users and new printing policies quickly led to a decrease in the volume of print-outs – black-and-white print was cut down by 10% and color print by 20%.


What the IT team of ČSÚ appreciates most is that MyQ means a major step towards automatization of user management. It has saved around 20% of time and nerves. The IT department hardly needs to fix anything related to printers, except for matters like setting up new PIN codes, etc.

Another point of praise was the simple and fast installation process – thanks to remote set-up options it was not necessary to visit each of the regional branches in person.

The management now has access to fully customizable reports, which will help optimize the printing policies even further.

Users themselves have grown accustomed to MyQ with ease, which is mostly thanks to a highly intuitive user interface with straightforward controls. The admin has set up special rights and functions for departments, to meet their specific printing and scanning needs. Last but not least, MyQ was also welcomed by users in ČSÚ’s public library.

“Since we’ve had MyQ, I never hear a word of complaint about printers, which is absolutely ideal.”

Ing. Petr Mikan,
Director of ČSÚ’s ICT Department

Key points

  • Prague HQ and 13 branches – 60 MFPs out of 180 devices
  • Transparent tool for user management
  • Secure printing and scanning as a new golden standard
  • 20% time saved for the IT dpt.

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