MyQ Roger just released!

The Eagles have taken wing and so has MyQ's new, true-cloud product: MyQ Roger! Enroll in the Early Eagles program and get your own Smart Digital Workplace Assistant:

All Mike Yankee Quebec, report your location.

Oscar Kilo Mike Yankee Quebec to Prague Tower.

Arriving to control point over Charles Bridge, altitude 12,000 feet.

Alpha Six, over Burj Khalifa.

Delta, over Brandenburg Gate.

Romeo Foxtrot, over Red Square.

Golf, over Tower of London at 12 thousand feet.

Foxtrot, over Eiffel Tower.

November Mike Yankee Quebec, over Statue of Liberty at 12 thousand feet.

Nine Victor, over Sydney Opera House, air pocket negative.

All Mike Yankee Quebec, release eagles, repeat – release eagles.

Release eagles.


Release eagles.

Eagles released!

Mission complete, return to base.

Mission complete, ROGER!

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