The Tale of MyQ’s Automatic Printer Discovery


The Tale of MyQ’s Automatic Printer Discovery

“In search of the All-mighty Printer” – a quest no IT staff member wants to set off for. Yet until this day, setting up printing for a new colleague, not to mention a whole department, gets messy and can take a better part of the day.

And nothing to be surprised by – connecting various devices to an even greater variety of different printer brands, installing all the necessary drivers and connectors is a far cry from being easy. After accepting a big contract with a very tight deadline, MyQ team decided to put a stop to this “printmare” once and for all. And that’s how MyQ’s Automatic Printer Discovery was born.

It all started with a sizeable contract for the Czech Social Security Administration (CSSA). This institution urgently needed to fix their print management that lacked any managed printing solution. In doing so they reduced their 8000 multi-brand and software printers to 4700 new printing devices. On top of purchasing, delivering and installing the new machines, the client also needed to be taught how to operate the new software and hardware, all in a matter of weeks.

For a better notion of all the steps involved in the “traditional” printer installation, the technician has to: 1. bring the printer; 2. unbox it and put it together; 3. plug it in, connect it to the network and wait for it to load; 4. call the support hotline to help with the configuration; 5. oversee the installation of drivers, printing services, adding of users, etc.; 6. receive a test printout from support; 7. call support back to let them know everything works; 8. stand by the printer during the whole process in case something gets stuck; 9. rinse and repeat for the next printer. Imagine doing all that with an almost 5000-printer fleet and a hundred technicians overloading the support hotline.

Normally a task like this would require tens of people working on it for months, not weeks. So, Martin Januš and Radek Tetík put their heads together to come up with a solution that fully automates the two last crucial steps – a solution that would automatically install all the components needed and print out a draft page when done. They succeeded and MyQ Automatic Printer Discovery was created! 



What is the process now? The technician only needs to unbox the printer, plug it in, connect it to the company network and that’s it. Once the device is in the company’s private network, MyQ will detect it and install everything necessary based on the configuration profile. After a while, the technician just checks the printed page, and your company is ready to print! Now back to the CSSA case – during the installation, there was only one IT specialist sitting in Prague and checking if all the 4700 printing devices are running as they should in each of the 100 locations across the country. Few weeks after, CSSA was ready to enter the new era of their printing, expecting to save over 24 mil. euros in the following 8 years.

With MyQ’s printer discovery, setting up a printer is not an ordeal anymore. MyQ is the only managed print solution which offers a printer discovery feature of this complexity and extent. It can connect with over 4000 devices of 24 major brands, and 100% on its own. MyQ’s customers can rely on a fully automated, problem-free connection between their PCs and printers. 

And that’s not the end of the story. The MyQ module is not just ready to help you install your brand-new printer fleet, which involves finding all devices, setting them up, importing your user database and preparing the Embedded terminals. It can also assist you with reconfiguring currently used devices to new settings. You just modify the printing profiles according to your wishes and MyQ will set up the rest. And as a cherry on top, when you decide to expand your existing fleet with new printers, the process of setting them up will again be fully automated with MyQ.

Are you ready for your own discovery? 


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