Hot on Their Feet with a Slimmed-Down Fleet

0 new Kyocera devices


A multi-location US company with a growing insurance business was limited by an aged fleet of MFPs. In fact, the MFPs were not connected to their network, which led to an ever-increasing growth of non-productive standalone printers across their many locations.


New 28 Kyocera MFPs and 15 Kyocera printers with MyQ Solution have been installed at HQ and 14 offsite locations. All documents printed to centralized MFPs are released using the Print & Follow function after authentication. Users enjoy enhanced scanning features through customized Easy Scan destinations. Thanks to the installation of the MyQ embedded terminal, IT can centrally control the users’ experience and available functions across all MFP locations from a single management interface.


Using MyQ Solution has resulted in increased productivity, enhanced document security and reduced output costs. Auditing of all print, copy, and fax activities through MyQ reporting has resulted in a steady decline of output costs. The MFP user experience has been standardized across all locations. Enhanced document security practices have been established and the Print & Follow feature allows users to release their print jobs securely at any of the AAA offices.

Key Points

  • Establishing document security
  • Centralized control
  • Useful solution for travelling employees – jobs available for print at any location

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