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Print Management Solution

Trusted by millions of users

  • Scan, print or process docs with one click
  • Personalize the printer panel  
  • Secure your print environment
  • Get more flexible with mobile and BYOD printing  
  • Deploy remotely within minutes on-premise, in edge, or cloud
  • Manage and monitor devices, costs and create reports
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Print Management Solution

"MyQ X user interface is certainly one of the best that Buyers Lab's solutions analysts have used. Navigation is a breeze, side panels let users perform tasks quickly and easily, and the good use of graphics and icons makes it easy to understand what is expected of the users."

BLI Report by Keypoint Intelligence

Benefits for the Entire Company

Reliable security and print costs under control – that’s how I like it!

For Managers

For Managers

  • increase-efficiency

    Increase Efficiency

    Clear print rules and personalized one-click scan/print/copy buttons help your team stay efficient when operating MFPs. You'll see the benefits as times saved for your more important tasks.

  • prevent-misuse-of-sensitive-data

    Prevent Data Loss

    Ensure that internal data processed through printers stays in the right hands. By authorizing and restricting user rights, you can limit access to sensitive files such as production schedules, payrolls or business proposals.

  • accelerate-the-return-on-investment

    Control Print Costs

    Keep track of your print spending with advanced accounting. You are empowered to assign print jobs to projects or cost centers and generate detailed reports with your favorite BI tool.

  • protect-the-environment

    Protect the Environment

    Align green printing with your organization's sustainability policies. MyQ X offers numerous eco-friendly tools and policies to help you reduce use of consumables and save energy.

Now I always know which button to press on the printer panel!

For End Users

For End Users

  • terminal_MyQ_Ultimate

    Know Where to Click

    Find your way around the printer control panel. MyQ X's intuitive user interface guides you effortlessly through your printing tasks. Streamlined functions make operating the MFP quick and easy.

  • get-freedom-of-movement

    Be Mobile with Your Docs

    Queue your documents from anywhere in the office with your mobile or tablet. Get your files ready to print in the MyQ X Mobile Client, tweak settings, and print at any MFP.

  • secure-your-documents

    Secure Your Documents

    No more worries about other people accessing your printed docs. Your files will be released for printing only after your secure authentication at the printer.

  • complete-your-tasks

    Complete Your Tasks

    Don't lose unfinished work due to a device error. The system will alert you before your work is affected. You can simply go to the next unoccupied printer and finish your work there.

I can manage the entire printer fleet from one place!

For IT Specialists

For IT Specialists

  • simplify-deployment-and-maintenance

    Simplify Deployment

    Install MyQ X on multifunction printers on your network within minutes. The system will automatically discover printers, install print drivers, and deploy the MyQ X embedded terminal. Plus, you can do all this remotely.

  • remove-unnecessary-administration

    Manage the Fleet Centrally

    Oversight of the printer fleet from one place. See the status of all your connected multifunctional printers and manage them via the web UI. If a problem occurs, you will receive an automatic notification.

  • improve-your-printing-environment

    Increase Efficiency

    Help your colleagues complete their printing tasks more efficiently and define personalized workflows for users/groups. Select the functions that best fit their needs.

  • decrease-grey(1)

    Reduce Print Costs

    Set up print credit and/or quotas to help your company keep print volumes under control. Reduce consumable wastage by setting up mandatory print policies such as two-sided printing.

Stop wasting time with inefficient printing, copying, and scanning. Become a document superhero with MyQ X! 

The Fantastic Four
that Deliver the MyQ X Solution

Personalized Printer Panel UI

You have better things to do than digging through a printer panel for the right button. Set up MyQ X Embedded Terminal to display only the functions you need and save time with personalized one-click actions. 

Personalized Printer Panel UI
Personalized Printer Panel UI

Admin Web UI

Manage and monitor your printer fleet from a single dashboard. In MyQ X's Admin Web UI, you can easily deploy MyQ X to new printers, manage and monitor connected printers, view print reports, and define user profiles or print policies. 

Admin Web UI
Admin Web UI

MyQ X Mobile Client

Take a phone, launch the free MyQ X app, and print anywhere in the office! Use your mobile device for a touchless printer login via a QR code, queue up documents, tweak print settings, and recharge credit. 

MyQ X Mobile Client
MyQ X Mobile Client

MyQ X Desktop Client

Equip your computer with a handy client that helps you efficiently handle documents outside the office. The client can help substitute for a print server and provides you with secure pull printing and detailed accounting of print activities.   

MyQ X Desktop Client
MyQ X Desktop Client

A True Multi-Brand Solution

MyQ X works seamlessly on every major printer brand, making it a true multivendor solution. You pick the preferred devices; we level the experience with our powerful software. 

MyQ X Key Features



  • Automated Device Finder
  • Automatic Device Client Deployment
  • Automatic Driver Installation
  • Drag&Drop LDAP Synchronization Definition
  • MS Cluster Environment Supported
  • MS AZURE Private Cloud Supported


  • Audit Log
  • User and Device-Based Policies
  • Full Web Acces & Control
  • VMHA Support
  • Customizable WebUI Dashboard
  • Task Scheduler
  • Automated Backup & Restore Processes
  • Multi Server Installation with
    Flexible Licensing
  • Centralized Data Reporting


  • Alert Monitoring
  • Fiery Module Print Support
  • Network Device Monitoring
  • Remote Installation and Configuration
  • Support of SNMP v1 v2c and v3
  • Alert Management & Notifications
  • Consumables Monitoring
  • Service Call Managment


  • Pull Print
  • Direct Print
  • Delegated Print
  • Tandem Print
  • Client Print Spooling
  • Fall-back Print
  • Local Print Monitoring
  • Print Server Detection
    Based on Network
  • Rule-Based Printing
  • Job Roaming
  • Device Spooling
  • Personal Print Queues

(Driversless & BYOD Print)

  • MyQ X Mobile Client for iOS & Android
  • Mobile App Job Management
  • QR Code Login
  • Remote Device Control
  • Email Print
  • Web Upload
  • Apple Air Print Support
  • Mopria Support
  • Microsft Universal Print
  • Chromebook Print
  • User Self-registration Options


  • Watermarks
  • Secured End-To-End Data Transfer Using IPPS and HTTPS
  • SNMP v3 Support
  • Datavase Encryption
  • Password Protected Backup Files
  • Two Factor Authentication


  • Green Reports
  • User & Group Data Reporting
  • Credit
  • Quota
  • Project Accounting
  • Cost Centre Accounting
  • Payment Gateways
  • Device Based Accounting
  • Discounts for Individual Printing
  • Copying, Scanning and Faxing
  • Billing Control
  • User & Admin Level Price-lists
  • Customizable Reports


  • Fully Customizable Screen
  • 30+ Languages
  • Customizable Color Themes and Button Icons
  • Advanced Accounting
  • Terminal Actions per Device/Users/Department


  • Recharge Terminal
  • Support of Wide Range of Card Reader Technologies


  • Personalized Profiles
  • Automated Scanning Forms & Workflows
  • Scan2 Fax
  • Scan to Cloud Storage: OneDrive, OneDrive Business, Sharepoint Online, Amazon S3, Box.Com, Dropbox
  • Scan to DMS Customizable Metadata
  • Scan to Secured Link
  • OCR Processing Integration
  • Address Book Integration
  • Automated Code Books
  • Easy Copy Workflows


  • Advanced Scanning Workflows
  • Automated Form Processing
  • Advanced OCR Proccesing
  • Sensitive Data Redaction
  • Zone Recognition
  • DMS and ECM Connectors


  • 30+ Languages
  • GDPR Compliance
  • Web Accessibility (W CAG 2.1 AA level standards)
  • Dark Mode Support
  • Customizable Logo

MyQ X Plans

Choose what fits you best: a flexible Subscription (annual/monthly auto-renewal) or a Perpetual License (single payment).



Efficient fleet management and mobile print on the go. Limited offer of the original edition MyQ Business Pro for 2 600 EUR – now downloadable for FREE. It is also suitable for commercial use.

Products in package:

  • Secure Print
  • Personalized Device UI
  • Scan & Workflows
  • Document Processing & Advanced Workflows




Outstanding security and document workflow for SMEs & large enterprises, as well as government and education sectors. Originally known as MyQ Business Pro and Embedded License.

Products in package:

Special editions for Government & Education customers



A state-of-the-art user experience for digital offices with first-class document processing options.

Products in package:

MyQ X Customer Care

Software Assurance

You'll always keep your print environment up-to-date. You get free updates, security patches, and skilled support.

End-of-Life Policy

If any MyQ product gets discontinued, you'll know about it well in advance. Of course, we'll offer you an alternative solution.

End User License Agreement (EULA)

As every service does, MyQ X has its rules of use. They contain the details on how we process data, the definition of provided services, and more. 

Product Documentation

Go to the online MyQ Documentation portal and discover everything you need to know about MyQ X, including user guides and installation guides. No login required. 

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