Law and Order in the Printer Fleet

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Domański Zakrzewski Palinka sp. K. is the largest Polish law firm advising both Polish and international clients. Their heterogenous printing environment made everyday document processing challenging and cost-ineffective. They also wanted to make sure their confidential data is properly protected. 


The unifying user-friendly solution of MyQ X made DZP’s printing and scanning more reliable, efficient, and above all more secure. Thanks to smart dashboard administration, the involvement of IT in printer fleet operation got reduced to a minimum, and employees appreciate fast ID card login and fluent scanning of large, high-resolution files, which are now being sent through MyQ’s Secured Link


Scanning to the MyQ server and having a link delivered to the owner for downloading at a later time has considerably decreased the amount of data sent through the company’s internal network. Plus, the scanned documents are safe, as they are encrypted the entire time. MyQ’s Advanced Project Reporting also helps DZP keep track of their printing, even on the level of client projects, so they can provide precise calculations of the printing costs for their customers.  

“We were looking for the possibility to naturally implement an environment in the entire IT infrastructure our company already has in place. We also needed centralized project management, which is important for project cost design, billing and the stability of the project infrastructure. When it comes to costs, we calculated – and this was confirmed in practice later – that the model of "buying" the MyQ environment as a service would be much more cost-effective for us. So in fact it was about transferring the responsibility for maintaining this environment and its availability to the provider of such services.” 
– Marek Laskowski,

IT Director at DZP 

Key Points

  • Less web traffic and more security with Secured Link scanning
  • Detailed reporting on various customizable levels 
  • Minimal engagement on part of the IT department 

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