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Lanex a.s. was established in the early 1990s. It produces synthetic fibers and ropes for the heavy-duty use in various industries – from high-performance polypropylene fibers to fibers for artificial turfs, ship ropes and climbing or rescue ropes.  

Lanex used to have 60 old printers without a printing solution. Every technical problem required manual intervention, and the IT department constantly struggled with replacing toners and paperDirect printing was a major security weak point. Lanex decided to reduce the number of machines and at the same time modernize the printer fleet for greater user and IT convenience. 


The old machines were replaced with 30 new HP PageWide Enterprise Color 586 and 556 models, which the partner recommended equipping with the MyQ printing solution. Thanks to the introduction of only 2 types of machines in combination with a clear user interface from MyQ, users have easily switched to a new way of control. The printers now offer a pull print function, which, in addition to safely retrieving documents, also guarantees a more balanced use of the machines. Operation is simpler for IT and, most importantly, automated  when consumables are about to run out, the MyQ monitoring module re-orders them on time. 


From Lanex's management standpoint, the most important aspect was optimization and modernization. Users quickly became used to contactless login and straightforward control, which can also be tailored to each person or department. Print jobs can be safely retrieved from any printer on the network. Last but not least, employees praise the fact that the offices have significantly brightened up with the brand new machines. 

“I really appreciate the whole MyQ solution we received with HP printers. The solution is intuitive and easy to use for everyone and on any machine. I appreciate the contactless login and the pull print function, which also brought about the streamlining of print queues and the ability to print a document on any printer in the company, which reduces the time spent printing.”

Head of IT Department,
Lanex a.s. 

Key points

  • Easy printer management 
  • Automatic ordering of print material 
  • More efficient use of machines thanks to Pull Print function 

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