MyQ Roger | Universal Print Integration – How It Works

When two sophisticated pieces of software meet, digital magic happens. That's the case of MyQ Roger and its native integration with Universal Print from Microsoft. Send your jobs directly to Microsoft Azure from anywhere and have them delivered to an MFP when you're back in the office. No unnecessary middleware or flow of data. Subscribe to both services, and you're ready to print. Click play and let MyQ Roger's head developer Matúš explain to you what this powerful alliance does for your flexible document processing.

Hi I'm Matuš Szépe, I'm a developer in MyQ and I'm here to talk about MyQ Roger.

MyQ Roger is a great companion app for Microsoft 365 and it already integrates with OneDrive and Universal Print. So what's new in this version? Universal Print is now fully integrated and there is no middleware between the app and Microsoft servers. The user is now able to browse his OneDrive folder directly on the device or on the mobile app and they can select files for printing.

Users can also select folders which they can scan to. So the way Microsoft Universal Print is integrated into the device is that there is no middleware. So there is no unnecessary flow of data through the site servers and it doesn't consume any bandwidth unnecessarily. As there is no print server involved, the user sends jobs directly to Azure and it waits there until it's picked up on the device.

There are added benefits for all the groups of the company. There is no added cost of purchasing and maintaining servers. There is only a subscription to MyQ Roger and Microsoft 365 necessary. IT administrators can also benefit from this as connecting MyQ Roger  to Microsoft 365 is fully utomatic and the admin only needs to follow a simple registration wizard.

All devices registered in MyQ Roger are connected to Universal Print at the same time. While the admin registers the service, all of the devices in the tenant are automatically configured and connected to Universal Print. And in a future version we are planning to release a single sign-on with a user sync, so it will be possible to synchronize your users from Azure AD.

Why we think users will love MyQ Roger is that they can use the same identity for Azure as MyQ Roger. Users can decide if they want to print directly from their OneDrive or use Universal Print. MyQ Roger transforms the classic workplace into a digital one, so that everybody can focus on what they do best!

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