Hungarian Media Giant Tunes into Big Savings

0% lower costs


TV2 Media Corporation, leader on the Hungarian media market, was struggling with the costs of keeping documentation, handling confidential documents, and the procurement and storage of consumables. There are 1,000 employees who are actively using 250 printers in their office and only a 15-person IT team to constantly deal with printer-related issues of their overgrown and outdated printer fleet.


After a free strategic analysis, TV2’s printer fleet was reduced to 50 modern devices equipped with the customizable MyQ Solution. Features like card authentication, pull printing, and one-touch scanning increased the efficiency of using print devices. The handling of consumables was solved, and in addition, the ordering and maintenance process became automized via the MyQ Service Module.


Document output became organized and monthly costs decreased by 30%. Their printing volume also decreased by 20%. The reduction of dependency on hundreds of devices increased the IT team’s capacity for more important tasks, and document security issues were solved. Users were happy to transfer to a new system, because the MyQ embedded terminal offers practical customization.

“The improvement process started with choosing the sufficiently up-to-date devices which were supported by Kyocera. After selecting adequate appliances, we introduced the MyQ cost analysis solution.”

Attila Kuti,
Senior Direct Sales Rep.

Key points

  • 20% decrease in print volume
  • 30% decrease in monthly costs
  • Reducing the number of devices by 75%

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