Digitize Documents in 2021: Go Touchless


Digitize Documents in 2021: Go Touchless

Paper is becoming obsolete and situations that ask for physical documents are more and more scarce. We’ve been getting used to automated processes, and that’s a good thing – it helps prevent human error.

Archives are moving away from carton to digital folders, although there will always be departments relying on printed documents. But one thing is having an official paper copy, and another is working with information contained in the document. This is where digitization comes into play – scanning and other processes which involve electronically transferred data. It is no longer necessary to manually re-type items from an invoice into the computer. We’ve been getting used to automated processes, and we don’t need to intervene manually nearly as often as before. That’s a good thing. Let technology do the heavy lifting – it saves time and helps prevent errors.

Instant digital transformation

 A multifunction printer can be very helpful in automation. MyQ has always aimed to make users’ life easier – where you had to choose between three document actions in the past (printing, scanning, faxing), today you  can combine several actions in one workflow. After hitting a button on the terminal, the printing solution not only scans the document, it also transfers it to an editable format and sends it to a selected folder, e-mail, or a cloud storage the user prefers

This chain of actions is usually called a document workflow. The described process can be set under the Easy Scan feature in MyQ X Enterprise Edition, but MyQ’s scanning options don’t end there.

MyQ X Ultimate offers advanced scanning workflows, connection to 25 different document management systems (ECM, ERP, etc.), and the integration of a wide range of features providing for a seamless processing of documents at one click: OCR, division into sections, data extraction, entering data into relevant databases, and more. The digitization process is fully automatic.

Practical scanning workflows

An IT specialist can easily prepare workflows that will be available to their colleagues. For example, it will come in handy to bankers to have a checklist of all documents needed to be submitted with a mortgage application: ID card, income certificate, confirmation of absence of debt, contract of sale proposal, and the application itself. MyQ X Ultimate knows that all these documents need to be scanned into the applicant’s folder and sent to the Compliance department. The terminal of the printer displays them item-by-item and they get ticked during scanning, which makes it a lot easier for the banker and it prevents errors and omission.

MyQ X Ultimate is an invaluable digitization assistant. However, it still needs to be installed on a server connected to local network or in a so-called private cloud, which makes it an on-premise (local) or private cloud solution practical mainly for larger organizations.

Finally, true cloud 

Last year, the entire world switched to home office, and this trend generated a demand for a flexible printing solution that could be used from anywhere. MyQ decided to promptly react to this, coming up with a next-generation product – MyQ Roger. It works exclusively in the public cloud, which means that our customers don’t need to maintain a physical server nor set up VPN connection or special data security for employees working from outside the office. All a business needs are compatible multifunction printers and smartphones, which are sitting in the end users’ pockets either way.

MyQ Roger is a Smart Digital Workplace Assistant – a virtual secretary that takes over the maximum amount of work involved in printing, scanning and document management. It provides for touchless printer control using a mobile app, scanning into popular could services (such as OneDrive), and running default workflows. The user can customize their Roger app to reflect their needs and work habits

The trend set in 2020 will most probably continue throughout this year. In our work lives, we will need the flexibility to perform as many tasks as possible from mobile devices. MyQ knows this and provides users with tools for quick and effective digitization, where everything is available at just one or two clicks. This way they don’t need to waste their time on mundane activities, and they can focus on more creative tasks in which machines and AI still fall short (for now). 


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As a secure, fast and flexible way of processing print jobs, mobile printing is gaining popularity every day. What’s more, it offers a completely touchless printing and scanning experience.

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