Success at Firm Oscars for MyQ CEO Martin Januš


Success at Firm Oscars for MyQ CEO Martin Januš

One week ago, MyQ CEO Martin Januš received a valuable prize at Czech Goodwill’s Firm Oscars. It comes in a few weeks after MyQ X Enterprise was awarded BLI’s Platinum Seal.

MyQ's first steps into 2021 continue in grand style. In an untraditional outdoor ceremony, our CEO Martin Januš climbed the podium stairs at Great Strahov Stadium to receive the 1st prize in the Made in Czechoslovakia category at Firm Oscars 2021. Firm Oscars have been held every year since 2013 by Český Goodwill, a panel of experienced business owners and entrepreneurs who award companies and start-ups “other people value”. They focus on enterprises that “conduct their business responsibly and treat their employees, customers, and suppliers fairly”. By giving out these awards, Goodwill wants to raise awareness of moral and ethical practices in Czech (and Slovak) entrepreneurship. 


Martin Januš, as the CEO of MyQ Solution, won the first prize in the #MadeinCzechoslovakia category. It recognizes companies that help spread the good name of Czech and Slovak companies abroad with their products and services, and keep the world-famous brand "Made in Czechoslovakia" still alive. 

Being awarded by this prize is an honor, as it doesn’t recognize only the product MyQ Solution makes, but also the impact it has on the people that use it. And for MyQ, employees and customers will always be the most important part of the entire project. We will keep up the good work in 2021 as well! 

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