5 Things You Don’t Know are Happening in Your Workplace


5 Things You Don’t Know are Happening in Your Workplace

Tell me if this sounds familiar – you go to the copy room and because two people are there already, you decide to relax and join the conversation, or at least pass some time without thinking about what you should be doing.

1. Every device is yours

2. Total document security

3. Custom-made for you

4. Scan it, don’t jam it

5. Go “driverless”


Le contrôle de l'utilisation des imprimantes est un élément essentiel des services informatiques de toutes les grandes entreprises. Le logiciel de gestion d'impression utilisé par une entreprise doit permettre de générer des rapports d'impression précis aussi facilement que possible.

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What used to be a rare benefit, is nowadays a near certainty in any company that doesn’t need round-the-clock staff, e.g. in production or distribution. Home office comes handy to everyone from time to time.

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