Meet MyQ's QA Team

Yowzah, this runs like clockwork, I'm giving it 5 stars. More often than not, the product you like so much spent hours and hours in the hands of error executioners, tireless bug hunters, or simply – the QA department. They search every nook and cranny of the product for potential issues and help prevent them so that end users's experience is as smooth as butter. Considering the level of complexity of its products, it probably doesn't come as a surprise MyQ has a QA department as well. But what might surprise you is how sweet and laid-back the QA team is. Get to know them in this video and hear about the work routine of MyQ's quality assurance squad!

Our goal as the MyQ QA team is to have as few visible issues as is possible.

We are constantly on the go to find any bugs or issues and if any of these are found, our job is to report them back to the development team. 
Once the developer resolves the issue, our job is once again to test and be a hundred percent certain that this issue is resolved and can be closed. My main tool is manual testing, because I'm testing mostly embedded terminals. I have to install the application on the printer and check the correct behavior of it. I appreciate that I can work with a variety of technologies here at MyQ.

Virtualization, network utilities, and more. I always try to find handy apps or create small PowerShell scripts I like to implement in my workflows. So we are not actively using – uh sorry,  actively searching for new tools, but we do use quite a lot, mostly for tracking bugs, changes, documentation, test cases. We also use quite a few tools created by our development team to simplify or automate our test cases. I highly value working in a team full of professionals, on a product that allows me to stretch my abilities in several industries – print software development, server management, to name a few.

When someone has some questions, the other team members are trying to help him. Each member has some deeper knowledge of some specific function or field and in combination it works really well.

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