Show you're a fan of Squid Game with MyQ

No matter where your fandom lies, make your panel shine, personalize! Did you spend your autumn binge-watching #SquidGame on Netflix? Well, you can decorate your MFP panel with it! These are the three stages of an MFP panel excellence: 1. the '90s blue-black-grey mayhem 2. OKish graphics that you can't change, though 3. a unique design limited only by your imagination And number 3 is precisely what MyQ's Theme Editor offers you. Be it your company colors or logo, Star Wars or any other theme... Your sysadmin can decorate the MFP panels in your office with it, so you'll have an even more pleasant time using the MyQ X powered devices. Hope you are ready to enter the personalization game!

Hey, it's Rami your MyQ expert.

You can make MyQ truly yours, no matter what game you're playing. For more info on this: you can check out the episode 10 "Quickie" on Personalization.

MyQ: it's a complex system of personalization security and efficiency.

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