Print Support with MyQ: No Pain, Just Gain

25% reduction of costs


Aspen Heights British School for children ages 3 – 13 was founded in September 2017 to serve the growing educational needs of the surrounding Al Bahya and Al Raha communities in Abu Dhabi.

Aspen Heights is part of the International Schools Partnership (ISP), a global network of 43 schools across eleven countries.
Aspen had difficulties with managing its multi-brand printing fleet and outdated print management software, “Print Audit Secure”. Lack of proper service support from the software vendor led Aspen IT to spend much of their time on troubleshooting and installation. In spite of having print management software in place, they were unable to track printing activity, create proper reports, and the interface was not user friendly.


The MyQ solution was installed along with a cutting-edge fleet of Rex Rotary MFPs (5 heavy-duty devices). Easy installation, setting up a quota system, various types of report formats to choose from, and a user-friendly admin interface made device management finally efficient for IT support. All printers and copiers are under control and their usage is closely monitored, providing reliable data, based on which Aspen management can decide to expand their printing services if needed.


MyQ reduced costs incurred on printing services on a daily basis, by up to 25%. MyQ has optimized unnecessary printing and copying, which cut down wasted supplies. Secure print eliminated the risk of sensitive documents lying unclaimed at the printers. Teachers are confident their documents are safe and accessible with comfort. Both staff and students are amazed by the terminal’s friendly interface, which shows up at any printer they choose to log into.

Furthermore, the monitoring aspect finally feeds proper data to Aspen management.

“We now have five Rex Rotary MFPs running with MyQ. MyQ is an outstanding print management solution with an outstanding customer service, provided by Graphic International Centre LLC.”

Glenn Tantug,
ICT Support

Key points

  • Easy installation and configuration
  • Various types of reports on usage with detailed
  • Better usage control by assigning quota and monitoring
  • MyQ default interface simplifies the steps for users, compared to native touch screen
  • 50% time saved for the IT department
  • 25% cost reduction in total

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