MyQ puts "Able" into "Cable" at Ta Ya

0% decrease in print volume


Ta Ya Electric Wire and Cable Co., Ltd., manufacture magnet wires and high-voltage rubber-insulated cablesTa Ya used to face accounting issues in print, because their policy was to charge printing by departments. When they switched to user code authentication, which is a function internal to the device, they were not able to do department accounting automatically anymore – instead, they manually calculated the department’s prints from the device’s information on individual users. 

Another issue was wasted paper. Users tended to print and just leave the printouts in the printers’ trays. There were stacks of unclaimed paper at the devices, which generated created a lot of unnecessary waste. 


Due to all the above-mentioned problemsTa Ya decided to implement a print management solution – and they opted for MyQ, because MyQ supports accounting based on groups. All that is needed every month is to automatically generate a group-based usage report using the Task Scheduler, which saves them a lot of time and work. 

As for the wasted paper, pull-print queues have been put in place, and users can only release their job when they come up to the device. No more unclaimed or unwanted printouts lying around. Users can also delete their print job when they do not need it anymore, or they can change the print properties at the device just before they start the job, e.g. reduce the number of copies or switch to duplex print. 


The customer is happy that MyQ can help them save a lot of time they would otherwise waste on manual preparation of reports based on groups. 

Thanks to pull-print queues, Ta Ya has also cut down printouts by cca 30%, as all documents printed are collected by the user and not thrown away.  

“MyQ helps us save our time and we can have more time doing other work.”  

– Cai Bing Hung,

Key points

  • Volume of print cut down by 30% thanks to pull-print queues 
  • Manual calculation replaced by automatic group-based reports 
  • Greater flexibility – option to change job properties directly at the printer 

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