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How to Print Contactless

There isn’t a single person left on the planet whose life hasn’t been touched by the ongoing coronavirus crisis. People in the most affected countries have been forced to retreat behind the doors of their homes to slow down the spreading of this disease, and entire companies are trying to stay on top of the impending threat of business collapse by transferring their staff to home office mode. And we can’t even see the end of the tunnel yet.

Although the pandemic has brought people together in more than one way and united entire nations against a common enemy, the main precautionary measure is isolation, steering clear of public places, and avoiding contact with objects of common use. If you are one of the people still working in the office, a multifunction printer may be one of these objects.

For MFPs running MyQ, there is a reason why this doesn’t have to be a problem. MyQ allows for contactless printing, which means you can still work with physical documents without needing to actually touch the printer or the panel (terminal). One method is using their ID card for logging in, and the second is printing with the MyQ Mobile App.

Setting Up Contactless MyQ

To make the ID card method available to users, your company IT admin will need to go through a few simple steps to set it up:

  1. Go to the MyQ Web Admin Interface and click on MyQ → Settings → Configuration Profiles.
  2. Select your configuration profile, click Edit, and on the right-side panel in the Terminals section, select ID Card as the Login Method and click Save.
  3. After saving, confirm the printers’ remote re-activation and wait for the setup to finish.
  4. Go to MyQ → Settings → Printers and in the General section, tick and save the option Print all jobs after logging in. Users can now send a job to a queue, swipe their ID badge on the printer’s card reader and all jobs are printed right away.

*The Print all Jobs option may not be supported by all printer manufacturers.

MyQ Mobile App

You can also use the second method of contactless printing via the MyQ Mobile App.

For a truly contactless login, the IT Admin first needs to limit login methods to ID card and mobile authentication only – then you directly see the device’s unique QR code on the panel display.

If by any chance the device of your choice doesn’t have a panel or the panel cannot display QR codes, it’s easy to generate a QR code, print it and stick it to the printer, so other people can scan it too. Just have your Admin go to MyQ → Printers, right-click on the printer and select Print QR code. QR codes can also be generated in bulk, by selecting all printers with Ctrl+A, and then right-clicking.

All that’s left is for the user to get the MyQ Mobile App (from AppStore or Google Play), open it on your phone, scan the QR code off the printer, enter your login and tap Next. 

The app will then remember you (unless you manually log out) and allow you to either upload a document directly from your phone – in which case you will be able to set your printing preferences, such as color or B&W, simplex or duplex, or assign projects if needed – or choose from jobs that have already been queued under your login. Print by selecting a printer from the list of devices in the app, or scan the QR code once again – and voilà. 

Using a contactless method of printing might well take one item off your list of things to worry about when trying to avoid the virus today. If it’s not possible for you to #stayathome, we hope this will help you stay safe & stay healthy! 

To get to know MyQ Mobile App better, take a look at our interactive MyQ Showcase!


How to get everything up and running...

Set up Contactless MyQ following these friendly step-by-step instructions.


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