The Platinum Success
of MyQ X & MyQ Roger


The Platinum Success </br>of MyQ X & MyQ Roger

After months of heavy testing by a well-respected independent lab, both MyQ X and MyQ Roger got confirmation of their superb abilities and received the Platinum Tested Solution 2022 seal from BLI.

"Buyer's Lab" is a part of the renowned industry analyst firm Keypoint Intelligence and it focuses on deep testing of hardware and software solutions from various brands and providers. When examining a product, the lab takes a very close look at its every aspect and functionality. In the case of a print software, the testing goes all way from features, security, and productivity to value and training. 

BLI acknowledged MyQ X's ability to unify multivendor fleets, reduce print costs, create efficient workflows and provide a user-friendly printer UI. As for MyQ Roger, it appreciated the solution's flexibility, seamless mobile app usage, and overall mobile-centric approach to authentication or workflow management.

We are honored that MyQ X received the platinum rating the second year in a row (MyQ X Enterprise also received BLI Software Pick Award in 2021), showing our award-winning print solution remains in the sharpest condition. Yet we are even more excited the same award went to our latest 100% cloud solution MyQ Roger, just two years after its release. These results confirm both products have their firm place in the print solution market and have a lot to offer to all organizations that want to manage and secure their print jobs as well as printer fleets. 



MyQ X has secured the Platinum Seal from Buyers Lab for an impressive third consecutive year, reaffirming its status as a leader within the print management industry. This article delves into the qualities that have propelled MyQ X to platinum status and makes a compelling parallel with Apple's Titanium iPhones.

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