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A personalized control panel – the MyQ Embedded Terminal
Tablet with MyQ application

MyQ will turn any device into yours.


90+ countries

Simplicity makes MyQ popular all over the world

Bring your printers to life!

MyQ helps businesses
reduce printing costs

MyQ helps avoid unnecessary spending with rules and roles.


66% cost cut

MyQ saves over 66% of printing costs

Set up various printing policies
for departments or users

Scan documents with one click
and save your business time

No more panic over complicated print & copy settings.


900+ minutes

MyQ saves around 15 hours per user in 1 year

Send your docs to an e-mail,
folder or cloud storage
by clicking on "Easy Scan"

The MyQ Embedded Terminal
and Web Admin are fully localized

Easy to use, easy to understand.


30+ languages

MyQ's interface is localized into 33 languages

MyQ speaks
your language!

Install MyQ for all company sites
in a matter of minutes

Setting up MyQ is very straightforward.



MyQ serves over 1M devices worldwide

Easy to deploy and maintain
just drag and drop

Control your printer fleet
with accurate reporting

Online status reports of consumables
and any malfunctions of each device.



MyQ saves more than 275 trees every day

MyQ monitors all local
and network devices

MyQ is extremely compatible

MyQ works with a majority of
multifunction device manufacturers.



MyQ supports over 4000 devices from 26 vendors

Ready to be smart about
your business's printing costs?

The freemium MyQ Smart Edition will let you enjoy:

  • Mobile Print
  • Secure Print
  • Quick Deployment
  • Device Management

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