Sustainable Printing: Reducing Your Environmental Footprint with MyQ X


Sustainable Printing: Reducing Your Environmental Footprint with MyQ X

Discover how MyQ X is transforming sustainable printing. With actionable insights and eco-friendly features, MyQ X empowers organizations to reduce their environmental impact while maintaining productivity.


Sustainability is more than just a buzzword; it's a necessity. Businesses across the globe are recognizing the importance of adopting sustainable practices, not only to reduce their environmental impact but also to improve their bottom line. One area where sustainability has made significant strides is in the world of printing. According to the "Sustainability Trends, 2023" report by Quocirca, published in October 2023, nearly half of organizations say their commitment to sustainability significantly influences their choice of print supplier. The report emphasizes that sustainability decisions are becoming democratized, involving a range of stakeholders, from C-level executives to individual users. It's clear that sustainability is not just a trend; it's a strategic imperative.

The Printing Paradox

Printing, something many of us do daily, can have a surprisingly substantial environmental footprint. It's not just about the ink and paper; it's about the entire lifecycle of printing, from resource extraction to waste disposal. This is where the concept of sustainable printing comes into play. It's about being more mindful of the resources we use, reducing waste, and making conscious choices that are eco-friendly.

MyQ: Your Sustainability Partner

MyQ's personalized solutions are designed to help organizations reduce their environmental footprint while maintaining efficiency and productivity. Let's dive into some key features that make MyQ X a champion in sustainable printing.

1. Actionable Insights for Sustainable Printing

To achieve sustainable printing, organizations must first understand their printing environment. Gaining insights and valuable data on printing volumes, user print behavior, cost analysis, and environmental impact are all crucial for creating an actionable plan toward sustainability. MyQ X provides organizations with accurate data on their printing environment, which can be easily analyzed and understood through live dashboard widgets, standard reports, and visual data dashboards.

MyQ X can be integrated with business intelligence tools like Microsoft Power BI to provide organizations with deeper insights into their printing environment. This integration further simplifies the process of analyzing data and making informed decisions regarding printing sustainability.

Example of an environmental dashboard created via Microsoft Power BI integration with MyQ X.

2. Environment-Friendly User Interactions

The MyQ X PC client, also known as the MyQ Desktop Client (MDC), is a lightweight but powerful tool that seamlessly connects to the MyQ system through users' workstations. One of its standout features is the interactive user pop-ups that can be used to promote sustainable printing behavior. These prompts are easily configured by the MyQ X administrator. For instance, if a user is about to print a lengthy document single-sided, a pop-up can suggest double-sided printing as an environmentally friendly alternative, significantly reducing paper usage.

Example of an environmental-friendly MDC user interaction.

3. Default Print Policies

We all have those moments of urgency when we hit the "Print" button without considering the environmental impact. MyQ X takes care of that too. It allows administrators to configure default print policies. For instance, documents can be set to print in monochrome, use double-sided printing, or engage toner-saving mode by default. Users can still make changes if needed, but this serves as a thoughtful nudge towards sustainability.

Example of a print policy configured for sustainable printing.

4. Allocate Printing Quotas

To further reduce printing and consumable usage, MyQ X enables organizations to allocate printing quotas (budgets) to users, user groups, or accounting groups. These quotas can be set in terms of printed pages or monetary value. This approach encourages responsible printing habits by prompting users to consider their monthly budget before printing. The outcome is the reduction of environmental impact by minimizing paper, toner, and printing costs.

Example of a monthly quota applied to the managers' group.

5. Job Preview

MyQ X's job preview functionality empowers users to review their print job directly on the printer panel. This feature eliminates the need for multiple trips between the computer and the printer, ensuring the correct job is released every time. The result? Fewer reprints and less wastage of consumables. Job preview is also available through the MyQ X mobile client, providing flexibility and convenience.

Job preview in action via the MyQ X embedded terminal.

6. Save Energy with One-Click Workflows

Efficiency and sustainability go hand in hand. MyQ X's one-click workflows not only save time but also save energy. The less time users spend at the multifunction printer, the quicker it returns to an energy-saving mode. It's a win-win: less energy consumed and a smaller environmental footprint.

The MyQ X embedded terminal with one-click document workflows.

7. Reduce Waste with Pull Printing

Pull Printing is an essential feature for eco-conscious workplaces. MyQ X ensures the safe storage of print jobs until users authenticate themselves at the printer and request their printouts. This not only bolsters security but also minimizes paper and consumable waste by preventing unnecessary reprints caused by misplaced or unattended printouts at the printer.

The MyQ X embedded terminal provides users with a variety of secure login options.

8. Digitize Your Documents

The more we digitize, the greener we become. MyQ X supports this transformation by offering a variety of document-scanning workflows that can be customized to cater to the specific needs of individual users or departments. Additionally, for customers seeking advanced document processing capabilities, MyQ X can seamlessly integrate with Document Management Systems (DMS) like ScannerVision. By embracing more paper-efficient processes, organizations can significantly reduce their reliance on physical printouts, resulting in reduced paper and consumable consumption, as well as a reduction in the storage space required for document archiving. This, in turn, not only minimizes costs but also contributes to a positive environmental impact.

Sustainable Printing Wrap-Up

Quocirca's "Sustainability Trends, 2023" report makes it clear: sustainability is influencing the choices of print suppliers and technology across organizations. Sustainable printing is not just a choice; it's an imperative for responsible businesses. MyQ X Print and Document Management Solution empowers organizations to reduce their environmental footprint while maintaining productivity and efficiency. With features like interactive pop-ups, default print policies, printing quotas, and actionable insights, MyQ X offers a holistic and future-focused solution for sustainable printing practices



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