MyQ lets you share printers like scooters

Why buy a printer and worry about its operation and service when we print less and less is and we can scan with our phone?

Discover #printsharing with us!

MyQ lets you share printers like scooters

The Printer's Travels

The long journey: from tables to cafés

First, the printers were moved from desks hallways

Remember the days when everyone had a typewriter on their desk and later a personal printer? You might still have one at home, but in offices you’re more likely to find in the hallways. Exactly fifteen years ago, MyQ launched a printing solution that helped businesses reduce the number of small personal printers and replace them with more powerful and cost-effective multifunction devices that could be shared comfortably by many colleagues.

In particular, MyQ's goal was to prevent unauthorized people from misusing the shared device or the printouts. Users were thus first required to log in by using their ID card, a personal code, but also their mobile phone. 

Mandatory login brought two other important features. Users could log in on any device and print, copy, or scan their documents. This was particularly useful if a printer broke down, ran out of toner, or was occupied by someone else. In return, the administrator received detailed reports that showed who printed what and where, allowing them to better manage and optimize the print fleet.

They then became smarter

While the hallway printers were able to save a lot of printing costs, users complained they couldn't preset anything on them because they no longer personally owned them. So MyQ added a personalized printer panel that, once logged in, would adjust itself to its user, offering them only the features or scanning workflows they needed to do their job.

And now it was time to drive them out of the house

Pandemic has shown us all that even the most perfect office is useless if we can't enter it. So we started digitizing faster and moved our documents to cloud storage we can access anytime, anywhere in the world. Besides, the number of documents we actually need to print is getting lower and lower and when we do, we're often not sitting in our office. This brings one quite unpleasant fact. As soon as a printer starts printing significantly less than expected when it was purchased, it becomes very expensive to operate and maintain on a per-page basis. It is no longer worth owning from a certain point onwards. In addition, the less you print, the harder it is to negotiate regular maintenance terms, so sooner or later you will find yourself in a situation where your only printer breaks down.

In response to all these new developments, MyQ has reacted with lightning speed and introduced a brand new solution, MyQ Roger, which aims to get rid of the myths and change the world of printing, scanning and document handling.

Future Named Printsharing

"Just as Uber didn't invent a better taxi, but better connected people who need a ride with those who offer rides, we aim to connect print device operators with people who need to print or scan more securely and conveniently. At the same time, we will contribute to a more sustainable future, as sharing significantly reduces the environmental burden," says Martin Janus, CEO of MyQ.

Download the free MyQ Roger app on your mobile and start scanning your documents or work documents conveniently wherever you are. In addition, it automatically recognizes the text of the document you capture (OCR), so you can search for it not only by name but also by content.

And when you need to print something or scan a large number of documents, just pop into a reception, hotel, coworking space or even a café that has a printer with MyQ Roger and you'll get the same scanning scenarios or documents on the printer as on your phone when you log in. What's more, you'll soon be paying to use the printer as conveniently as you would for a ride on a scooter.

For more information, please email us at printsharing(at)

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