Our Story

At MyQ, we work hard to make technology serve people – never the other way around.

The ever-increasing pace of development in IT, with trends and technologies emerging every day, brings people no relief, only fear and more wrinkles on their foreheads.

Our task is to change threats into opportunities and chaos into order.

We are in daily contact with our clients and partners, solving concrete problems for concrete people, always preparing new strategies to make their IT and printer park operations more effective and simple.


Key milestones


Small family business "Janus Company" established as a dealer of Kyocera printers in Prague, Czech Republic.


Martin Januš named CEO of Janus Company, with a vision to be one of the TOP 5 on the Czech market. He started to develop a new print management software to improve business success.


MyQ brand established as part of Janus company – an easy-to-use managed print solution primarily focused on SMEs – later to become a separate business in 2010.


The great success and demand for MyQ led to the opening of the first foreign branch in Austria.


2nd MyQ Branch established in UAE.


MyQ was growing constantly, making it necessary to move to new headquarters in the Harfa Office Centre in Prague.


MyQ Branches in USA, Germany and UK established.


MyQ branch established in Russia.


MyQ branch in France established.


Janus Company acquired by Kyocera Document Solution and renamed to Kyocera Document Solution Czech. Once and for all, MyQ is an independent developer of a multivendor managed print solution, Martin Januš being the 100% CEO.


MyQ Solution is in 90+ countries with 100+ employees, running on approx. 1 million devices in SMEs, Large Enteprises, government bodies, healthcare or even educational institutions, with customers among the Top 100 Ventures Brands.

MyQ Founders
and Key People

Explore the MyQ enviroment,
see how it looks
in our online showcase.

Explore the MyQ enviroment,
see how it looks
in our online showcase.