Personalize your Device's Panel

Put a unique personalized UI on any device in your fleet and increase your users' efficiency and comfort.

Personalize your Device's Panel

A fully personalized UI – the MyQ Embedded Terminal

Save your users the time spent deciphering the printer's complicated settings.

A user-friendly interface that is easy to understand. Functions shown after logging in to any device can be adjusted to reflect the user's specific needs and tasks they perform most often, making them available at a single click. They can be specified for groups of users, e.g. departments, as well as for a single user or device.


Turn your printer into a work of art

Tweak the UI's layout to your style or corporate design with the MyQ Theme Editor.

As far as customization goes, the sky is the limit. It's up to your (or your admin's) taste and creativity. The background, each icon, each button – everything can look the way you want. And having your organization's logo on every printer goes without saying.

Color Customization IMG 2

Explore the MyQ environment

The MyQ Embedded Terminal is easy to use, check it out!

Ask Lucy, the MyQ Guide, to give you a tour of the MyQ Embedded Terminal. Lucy will show you 5 different settings of 5 different users. But remember – the best setting is yours!

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