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at St. Luke's Hospice

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St. Luke’s Hospice in Essex faced three major challenges with its previous printing system – client confidentiality, ease of use, and IT support requirements. Because they dealt with health and end-of-life issues, data security was extremely important. There were major concerns that documents left on a printer could be viewed by anyone. Staff were apprehensive about any changes as a previous upgrade resulted in major training issues and a flood of job tickets and requests for IT services. In addition, some staff members traveled between site locations and their current solution did not provide any printing flexibility. IT services knew they had to introduce secure printing but needed a solution which could be implemented within their budgetary constraints, and which would not require three weeks to resolve subsequent staff usability issues.  


With the help of the MyQ partner ASL, the Hospice made the decision for a Kyocera devices paired with MyQ X print management software. The customizable MyQ Embedded Terminal interface, complimented with ASL’s customer training, meant that staff were able to quickly adapt to the new Kyocera devices and easily access them across the charity’s sites. Adoption of pull printing meant that print jobs were sent to a virtual print queue and securely released from the end user’s choice of device only after the PIN was entered.  


The new print solution from Kyocera and MyQ increased document security and end user access while still reducing costs. By releasing print jobs only via PIN, they cut the risk from confidential data leaking at the printer whilst also significantly reducing material costs and waste. Pull printing and printer flexibility was beneficial for staff regularly traveling between different sites. MyQ X’s customizable interface meant that staff, who had very basic technical backgrounds, adapted easily to the new devices.

“One good thing is that you can go to any office location and you can print – staff are still amazed by that. That’s helped a lot.”

- Mark, St. Luke's Hospice staff member

Key Points  

  • Increased security for confidential documents
    with pull printing  
  • Savings from lower-cost hardware and software  
  • Significant reduction in print and material costs  
  • Greater usability with MyQ Embedded Terminal 

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