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MyQ Smart Print Services is a module available for free under MyQ Smart Edition. It sets up backup options for the event of a network outage, when the print server gets disconnected. Users can work around this by using failover printing and sending their jobs to a fallback device. The print server receives an update about the job when it comes back online (device spooling). MyQ Solution is an easy-to-use print management solution with flexible personalization for intuitive use, end-to-end data security and efficient scanning & document workflows. With our software, you can control every printer in your office and create detailed printing reports. Discover More about MyQ SMART Edition

When we send a job to print, with everything working the job goes to the "Follow Me" queue as we can see here, allowing us to print out when needed. But what happens if the Print Server is offline, with MyQ SPS, we have 3 options so that the user still gets their print job, these operate automatically when needed

The first option is where the user gets prompted to enter the IP Address of a printer near them, and once confirmed their job will come straight out of that printer

Option 2, SPS can be pre-configured to automatically output at a chosen printer, but of course, the user is notified that this has happened

Option 3, SPS is intelligent and it knows the last 5 printers that each user has used to collect their work so can present these when the server is unavailable allowing the user to select one

Finally, it is still possible to let the user know that their printer is unavailable giving them the option to delete it, rather than wondering why it has not printedThis is particularly important when printing confidential work to "Direct Queues"

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