RICOH multifunction printers
& MyQ X

The perfect fit for flexibility & mobility

MyQ X is all set to run on your RICOH multifunction printers! Our print solution enriches RICOH devices with flexible features for mobile and remote work with documents, airtight security, and unique fallback printing. You'll also get personalized one-click workflows as well as a variety of tools to help you manage your print costs. 

RICOH multifunction printers
& MyQ X


  • Achieve Your Sustainable Goals

    Achieve Your Sustainable Goals

    Green Printing

    RICOH promotes a sustainable way of producing print devices and managing its business. Their long-term goals include CO2 reduction and switching to renewable energy. MyQ X supports RICOH on this mission with a set of green printing features. Print policies (two-sided, B&W printing) help you limit consumable waste, efficient workflows save electricity with users spending less time at the printer. You can also make users more aware of their printing with pop-ups, quotas, or print credit.  

  • Get Document Flexibility  

    Get Document Flexibility  

    Hybrid Workplace  

    Modern workplaces often include remote and flexible work and so does MyQ X. To have your documents on you anytime, anywhere, you can simply scan them to one of the numerous supported cloud storages like Google Drive, OneDrive, or Dropbox. To queue documents for printing from anywhere, take advantage of MyQ X's integration of Universal Print by Microsoft. Safe printing outside the office is also not an issue, use the free MyQ Desktop Client and process your files securely with accounting and monitoring.  

  • Print from Your Device 

    Print from Your Device 

    Mobile Print  

    BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) adds a new level of work flexibility to printing as well. Our free native Android/iOS app MyQ X Mobile Client lets you send documents to your RICOH printers from anywhere in the office. Queue your files on your way to a meeting, log in with a QR code, and release the documents from your phone/tablet. The Client also allows you to change print settings (color, format, etc.), change PIN, or recharge credit. 

  • Shield Your Printing 

    Shield Your Printing 

    Secure Printing 

    Your sensitive print data should never end in the wrong hands and MyQ X makes sure of that. All information going through the print environment on the user-server-printer path is thoroughly encrypted using the latest protocols and technologies. You will prevent unauthorized printer access with safe (multifactor) login with an ID card, PIN, or username + password. Plus, with pull printing, you will be able to release the prints only after authentication at the device.  

  • Bring Efficiency to Scanning 

    Bring Efficiency to Scanning 

    Easy Scan

    Scan in the format you need to the destination of your choice without having to tap on ten different buttons, wasting your precious time. You can have your personalized scanning function on your RICOH printer panel under one single button. When you press it, the system will automatically send it to an email, cloud, or local folder in the desired format. You can also add in OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and turn your scans into searchable PDFs. 


  • Deploy MyQ X on  RICOH in a Flash

    Deploy MyQ X on RICOH in a Flash

    Quick installation

    Getting your RICOH multifunction printers MyQ X-ready will take only minutes and requires no extra effort. Once the devices are plugged in and connected to your local network, MyQ X automatic discovery scans it and finds new devices on its own. Afterward, it installs all RICOH drivers necessary as well as the print solution. You can launch the entire process remotely without having to be present by the devices. 


  • Print without Server Connection  

    Print without Server Connection  

    Device Spooling

    Server down? This won't stop your printing anymore! With MyQ X, your RICOH printers get a unique failover option that allows users to print even if the connection crashes. If the Device Spooling function is turned on during an outage, the queued print jobs get safely stored in the printer's internal memory and will be printed after authentication. Offline accounting data will automatically be updated on the server as soon as connectivity is re-established.


  • Keep Print Costs Down

    Keep Print Costs Down

    Advanced Accounting & Reporting  

    If not monitored properly, printing can become quite costly. MyQ X helps you track every page that's been printed, copied, faxed, or scanned so that your print costs will never get out of hand. When processing a document, users can assign their job under a project or group to help you track and allocate costs with more detail. You can also limit users' print volumes by creating a quota or credit system and check their overall spending by exporting customizable print reports via various compatible BI tools such as Microsoft Power BI. 


  • Control Your Devices Smoothly 

    Control Your Devices Smoothly 

    Printer Management & Monitoring  

    Always stay in touch with your printer fleet. You can easily monitor and manage it from the intuitive web-based Admin dashboard. There, you will find an overview of all your connected printers. You can proactively check the device status and avoid getting flooded with print-related IT tickets. If an error occurs, you receive an automatic notification so you can solve it right away. And of course, you can tweak various printer settings right in the web UI. 


  • Maximize Print Productivity 

    Maximize Print Productivity 

    Personalized workflows  

    Your colleagues surely have better things to do than standing by the printer, searching for the proper button to press. Make their print life easier and create personalized copy/scan buttons that fit their true document needs. You can preset the format and destination of the workflow for a specific user (Mike from accounting) or user group (HR department). Once logged in, users find only the workflows they want to use on the printer panel. 


Explore All the MyQ X
Features of RICOH MFPs

Features of Ricoh Terminal 8.2*

Deployment & Administration

Automated printer discovery and remote installation


Device status monitoring



ID card / user name & password / PIN with two-factor login


QR code login with MyQ X Mobile Client


Guest login


ID card registration



Print accounting incl. critical failover accounting


Per job accounting


Device jobs accounting (Panel jobs)


Accounting on USB devices (MDC)


Project accounting


Cost centers accounting


Credit & quota accounting


Job Submission

Email/Web upload/Hot folder


AirPrint / Mopria / Mobile app




Universal Print by Microsoft


My Jobs

Print all after login


Job select / Delete / Favorite / Printed


Print job properties


Client Print Spooling (MyQ Desktop Client)



Device Scan to Me (email, folder)


Scan to email/Folder/FTP/Secure link/Cloud storage


Advanced scanning incl. custom parameters, codebooks, and metadata


OCR function



Easy functions (Scan, Copy, Fax)


Easy Copy of ID cards


Web UI WCAG 2.1 level AA


Multi language support


MyQ UI & themes (color, icons)


Finishing Options

Staple & Punch


Extra Features

Print archiving


Skip blank pages (Easy copy and Easy Scan)

Easy Scan

Offline login


Device spooling


* As we are constantly improving our software, please contact your MyQ Certified Partner / Account Manager for latest information about version capability.

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It Doesn't End with a Terminal

Together with the Embedded Terminal, MyQ X brings you other convenient tools:



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