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MyQ X is ready to go to work – in the office and remotely – on your Toshiba multifunction printers. Our print management solution fits perfectly with the Toshiba push to for sustainable printing and fine-tuned solutions for specific industry verticals as well as its tools for today’s remote and hybrid workforce. MyQ X brings with it an intuitive UI and an array of environment-friendly features. 



  • Reduce Your Printing Footprint  

    Reduce Your Printing Footprint  

    Green Printing 

    When designing its products, Toshiba takes a long view of sustainability that incorporates manufacturing processes as well as how their devices operate on a day-to-day basis with respect to consumables such as toner and electricity use. MyQ X supports these goals with its own array of tools for eco-friendly printing and scanning. Thanks to MyQ environmental reports, paper/toner saving user policies, and remote printing capabilities, you can meet your green goals with Toshiba more easily. 

  • Keep Your Print Data Safe 

    Keep Your Print Data Safe 

    Secure Printing

    Your data is secure with MyQ X from the moment you click “Print” all the way to collecting the printouts. Our print solution encrypts the user–printer communication as well as the system database. With Pull print, you collect your documents only after (multifactor) authentication – which can include options such as your ID card, PIN code, or username + password. You can also set up a touchless QR login method and scan the QR code on the printer with the MyQ X Mobile Client. You have many options with MyQ to protect your scans and prints with watermarks and time stamps. 

  • Kick off Digitization and Automation 

    Kick off Digitization and Automation 

    Smart Workflows 

    Are you still manually processing paper documents such as invoices, orders, and production lists and manually retyping this data into your internal systems? MyQ X Ultimate (with scanning to Hot Folder) can do all this for you with its advanced OCR and Smart Workflows. You only need to initially scan the given document. Once it is captured, the system extracts specific information – including checkboxes, bar codes, or stamps. Based on this data, MyQ X identifies the document type and saves it to a predefined destination such as an accounting ECM system. This fusion of digitization and automation removes the need for manual retyping. 

  • Process Docs Anywhere 

    Process Docs Anywhere 

    Hybrid Workplace 

    Your workplace is much bigger than just the office, and we designed MyQ X to give you a high level of print flexibility. Scan your documents to one of the numerous supported cloud storages, queue them up, and flexibly print them on the go with the MyQ X Mobile Client. You can also print documents securely from remote locations via Microsoft Universal Print or take advantage of the MyQ Desktop Client for offsite print monitoring or accounting. 

  • Stay Efficient and Productive 

    Stay Efficient and Productive 

    Easy Scan

    Make that Toshiba printer panel reflect your actual document needs for your organization and industry vertical. Your admin can predefine a set of specific scan actions that will appear on MyQ X's Embedded Terminal after your login into the Toshiba multifunction printer. For example, if you often scan to a specific cloud folder, you can have this option on the panel, press only one button, and save time you would otherwise spend resetting scan settings for each job.  


  • Get MyQ X on Toshiba in a Flash

    Get MyQ X on Toshiba in a Flash

    Quick Installation    

    Installing MyQ X on your Toshiba multifunctional printers is just a question of minutes. Our print solution automatically detects all the connected devices in your network, activates and configures them, and installs the MyQ X Embedded Terminal all on its own. No assistance from your side is needed even with the installation of Toshiba printer drivers, MyQ X does it all. Plus, you can manage the entire installation process from one central location through your admin dashboard. 

  • Guide Your Fleet Remotely  

    Guide Your Fleet Remotely  

    Printer Management & Monitoring 

    Managing a fleet of printers is always much easier when you can view the status of every connected printer. No more surprises or piling of IT tickets. The MyQ admin dashboard provides a stress-free overview of every network printer – even those in remote locations. Automatic notification let you know about printer issues (device errors, missing consumables…) which can be solved immediately. The admin dashboard also allows you to manage a wide range of settings – all within a user-friendly and intuitive interface. With this centralized approach, you can reduce the time spent managing your printer fleet to a minimum. 

  • Set up Productive Processes 

    Set up Productive Processes 

    Power Workflows 

    Define personalized scan workflows that meet the needs of specific users or groups. These enable your colleagues to easily find those needed functions on their Toshiba printer panel. For example, if the CEO's assistant often scans important documents, then create a one-click scanning workflow that sends the new scans directly to his folder. Or, set up a straightforward scan button to make life easier for Accounting. Reduce the time your team spends in front of the MFP and help them stay on track and productive. 

  • Have Print Behavior under Control

    Have Print Behavior under Control

    Printing Policy 

    Help your company save on print spending and achieve environmental objectives with MyQ's broad printing policies. These direct users to use your Toshiba printers in a more cost effective and environmental way. If you want to minimize paper waste and stop users from always leaving printouts in the paper tray, set up mandatory two-sided printing and pull printing. You can also save toner by turning on default black and white printing (you can define exceptions) or activating the toner saving mode.

  • Control Print Spendings

    Control Print Spendings

    Advanced Accounting & Reporting 

    MyQ X keeps track of every page that gets processed with your Toshiba multifunction printer. Your organization's print costs will no longer be a mystery, but precisely calculated figure. To help you manage print spending across the company, MyQ X allows for Cost Center accounting. Every time users print, they just select a specific Cost Center for the print job. Then, after a set period, you can generate a print report with a detailed overview of spending by center. Our print management solution is highly compatible with many BI tools, so reports can be adjusted to your concrete needs. 

Explore all the MyQ X
Features on Toshiba Printers 


Deployment & Administration

Automated Printer Discovery and Remote Installation


Device Status Monitoring



ID Card / Username & Password / PIN with Two-Factor


QR Code Login with MyQ X Mobile Client


Guest Login


ID Card Registration



Print Accounting


Per Job Accounting


Panel (Scan, Copy, Print) Accounting


Accounting of USB Devices (MyQ Desktop Client)




Cost Centers


Credit (Pre-paid & Top-up)





Print All after Login


Job Select / Delete / Favourite / History


Adjustable Print Options on the Device


USB Drive Print and Scan


Client Spooling (MyQ Desktop Client)


Cancel Jobs After Logout


Job Submission

Email / Web Upload / Hot Folder


AirPrint / Mopria / Mobile Client




Universal Print by Microsoft


Finishing Options

Adjustable Staple & Punch on the Device



Device Scan to Me (Email, Folder)


Easy Scan incl. Adjustable Scan Options


Scan to Email / Folder / FTP / Secure Link


Advanced Scanning incl. Custom Parameters, Codebooks, and Metadata


OCR (PDF, TXT, other**)


Scan to Cloud (inl. OneDrive for Business, SharePoint Online)



Easy Actions (Print, Scan, Copy, Fax)

Easy Scan

Web UI WCAG 2.1 Level AA


Multi Language Support


Embedded Themes & Custom Logo, Icons


*As we are constantly improving our software, please contact your MyQ Certified Partner/Account Manager for latest information about version capability. For the latest information on new releases and descriptions of new features, please see our online documentation.

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It Doesn't End with a Terminal

Together with the Embedded Terminal, MyQ X brings you other convenient tools:



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