MyQ Earns Fuh Hwa's Trust

30% material costs cut


Fuh Hwa Securities Investment Trust is one of the top asset management companies in Taiwan. They have 20 devices – 14 MFPs and 6 personal printers – and they were experiencing issues with a previous solution, mainly in terms of accounting accuracy, but also printing as such. 

The accounting method that the solution used was a network box connected to the deviceswhich synchronized job details back to the server at night. However, when there was a power outageall the data in the box would disappear and accounting would be skewed. 

The other issue was the impossibility to have a pull-print queue and direct queue at the same timeAs the print jobs in this company are often a few hundred pages long, users didn’t want to go to the MFP, log in and just stand and wait for the entire job to finish. They preferred a direct queue, where the job would start right away and they could collect the printout later. But if they needed to print just a few pages, and someone else started printing a large volume before they came to the printer to collect, they would just send the job to a different printer – and the previous print was wasted paper. This was all due to the lack of simultaneous support of direct queues and pull-print queues. 


The installation of MyQ finally allowed to create a pull-print queue and direct queue at the same time. This solved the customer’s printing issue, because the users can now send several hundreds of pages to a direct queue, and at the same time print confidential documents or smaller jobs using pull-print queues, which means they can release the documents at any device they choose.  

Accounting is also accurate, as MyQ uses SNMP to check the actual printer counter and sends all data back to the MyQ server in real time. 


The customer is now happy, because MyQ is able to provide accurate and centralized accounting reports which inform on activity per user or department. With the accurate accounting, they do not need to go to every machine to collect counter information. The best part is that reports are fully customized, so the management can adjust them based on what they want to see. 

With MyQ being able to run both pull-print and direct queues, the company now spends about 30% less on paper and toners, as users do not re-print their shorter jobs when they see an occupied printer. 

Managing devices is also easy with the possibility to get a full glance at all device statuses in the MyQ Web Interface. Setting up the personalized device UI (Embedded Terminal) is easy as well, if they decided to replace old devices. 

MyQ helps us make our printing more flexible, with less wastage.”  

– Zhang Yan Qing,
e Department 

Key points

  • Paper and toner costs down by 30% 
  • Possibility to maintain pull-print and direct-print queues simultaneously 
  • Fully centralized and accurate accounting for precise reports 
  • Complete overview of printer statuses 

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