5 Alternative Ways to Print without Printer Drivers


5 Alternative Ways to Print without Printer Drivers

Discover a world beyond printer drivers with MyQ X's alternative driver-free printing methods, ensuring seamless, secure, and hassle-free printing experiences for all your documents.

Printing documents – a seemingly straightforward task often complicated by the elusive printer driver. This uncelebrated software piece does the vital job of translating your digital files into physical copies. Yet, it's also a notorious source of headaches when it malfunctions. We've all been there, scrolling through a list of print drivers, desperately seeking the right one just to print an important document. Or dealing with a broken printer driver that seems to haunt every "Print" attempt.

And what about those moments when a visitor or temporary staff member needs to print, but they're held hostage by the IT department's endless to-do list, including more pressing issues like fixing a downed server? This means your printing plans are on hold indefinitely.

But fear not, as this article is here to offer a print friendly solution. We're about to unveil five ingenious methods to print without the reliance on printer drivers. This not only saves time but also frees you from the IT bottleneck, getting you back to printing faster than ever. All of this is possible with MyQ X – the ultimate answer to your printing and document needs. 

1. Email Your Way to Printing Bliss

Yes, you heard it right – print via email. MyQ X introduces a novel approach that involves sending your documents to a designated email address. Here's the magic: MyQ X monitors this inbox, identifies the sender, and assigns the print job to their account. Using the pull-printing feature, the owner can then securely release the job at their chosen printer. It even extends its hospitality to guests and temporary employees. MyQ X creates temporary accounts, and sends PIN codes for secure print release, ensuring smooth and secure printing without IT intervention.

An email with a generated PIN is sent to a "Guest" user using the email-to-print option.


2. Harness the Power of Web Print

MyQ X empowers each user with a personalized web dashboard accessible through a host of web browsers such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox or Apple's Safari to name a few. The user dashboard boasts a range of functionalities, including web print. In a few clicks, you can upload your document, tweak settings, assign it to projects, and voila! Your document is on its way to the printer.

MyQ X user dashboard with web print interaction.


3. AirPrint and Mopria: The Driver-Free Printing Duo

For the tech-savvy on Apple and Android devices, MyQ X brings the beauty of AirPrint and Mopria technologies. These natively supported technologies allow for a print friendly alternative to print drivers. Open your desired document on your device, hit print, choose your preferred queue, and you're set. The queues can be fortified with authentication for added security, bringing a new level of convenience to mobile printing.

AirPrint with secure authentication.


4. Empowerment in Your Pocket: MyQ X Mobile Client

The MyQ X mobile client, a treasure trove for both Android and Apple users, is a priceless add-on. Seamlessly connecting your mobile device to the MyQ X system, this app unlocks a multitude of mobile print management and printing possibilities. Open your document, print directly from your device's native OS (Operating System), or use the app for added control. Adjust print options, and assign jobs to projects – all from the convenience of your mobile device.

Printing via the MyQ X mobile client.


5. Directly from your All In One Printer: A Breeze of Simplicity

MyQ X offers an innovative feature that allows users to print directly from shared network folders or cloud storage (OneDrive, Google Drive, SharePoint, etc.). This is made possible by the MyQ X embedded terminal application, an intuitive user interface that resides on your all in one printer. Imagine effortlessly navigating your storage directories from the all in one printer panel, selecting your document, adjusting settings, and hitting print – all without the need for those elusive printer drivers.

Browse your favorite storage locations directly from the MFP panel.


Uncharted Horizons of Printing with MyQ X

In the world of printing, innovation is rewriting the rules, and MyQ X stands at the forefront of this evolution. The five driverless printing methods explored here are just a glimpse into the transformative capabilities that MyQ X brings to the table. MyQ X's ingenuity doesn't stop at these alternatives. Our commitment extends to comprehensive printer management, including traditional printer drivers, with automated discovery and seamless setup. From cost-effective print management to fortified document security, and from sustainable printing practices to an array of user and print friendly features, MyQ X offers an all-encompassing solution that redefines your printing experience.




Author: Dirk van der Mescht

Product Marketing Manager



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